On the run

Gemma Fender put her boyfriend away two years ago for killing a boy in cold blood. Just the thought of it being her fault sent Gemma into a deep depression. But when her crazy ex boyfriend breaks out of prison in search of finishing what he started it breaks Gemma out of her trance and forces her to confront deep secrets of her past.

But some secrets are best kept hidden...

(Authors note- Yellow for some violence in the first few chapters. Absolutely no other adult content is involved in this story)


1. Creek fights and stall walls

 "Gem are you okay? Earth to Gemma! Hellooooo! GEMMA!" Rebecca "Becca" Jacobs called over and over again during my space out time at lunch.

 The "Space out" time at lunch was a very crucial part of mine and Becca's friendship. Each day we got 5 minutes to just zone out; look at a boy, do homework, or mentally plan your outfit for the next day.

  I had opted for option one and the object of my affection was just starting to return the stare when I was rudely interrupted, "What do you want Rebecca? I was in the zone and you just ruined it! Thank you very much Becca, your so incredibly awesome." I replied, my words thick with unsaid sarcastic remarks.

 "Thank you... But seriously the New Kid/ your latest obsession is looking at you. What do you want me to do?"Becca was looking very excited at the thought of hurting or embarrassing him and to be honest I was worried. 

 "Duh Becca, thats the point! I want him to like me remember? So that I can get away from my psycho boyfriend." If Becca didn't understand the plan by now, there was no helping her. We had gone over it 5 times.

 You see, my boyfriend Billy was a bit of a creep. It wasn't always like that though, our relationship had been perfect  until the New Kid had shown up two weeks ago.

  New kid had expressed some type of interest in me on his first day but Billy had immediately made me break all ties with him which included dropping my favorite classes and moving lockers. New Kid was my only hope of getting away from Billy though. Billy had always said that the only way that we would ever break up would be if I loved someone else so much that it hurt to not be with that person. So when he saw in 3rd period Global Politics that New Kid and I had established a flirtatious friendship I was forced to drop that class and my 6th period Maths class that I had with New Kid as well.

 It was obvious that he wasn't going to let me go as easily as I thought that he would. That would be way too easy, instead he was going to see if he could convince me that New Kid was a dork and not worthy of my attention.

 "I know, I still think that I should do something though, to keep up appearances." Becca eagerly shot back.

 "Just embarrass him,. Nothing too rash. Remember: I want him to li-" I was cut off by psycho boyfriend himself.

 "Hey! New Dork! Its not polite to stare at people's girlfriends." Billy shouted across the cafeteria in true meat head  fashion. I looked away from New Kid's enticing gaze with as I felt my cheeks blush scarlet.

 "Billy! Cut it out, you're being a jerk!" I said, slapping him "Playfully" in the back of the head.

 "New Dork should know who he's messing with before he gets himself into trouble." He started to slowly walk over to the other end of the cafeteria.

 I put my hand on his pale slim arm, "Stop! You're going to be the one in trouble if you keep acting like this."

 "All I'm saying is that New Dork should know not to stare at the girlfriend of the quarterback." He yanked his arm free of my grasp and stormed out of the cafeteria.

 At that moment I knew that I only had one option; to wait until all of this blows over because I was Billy's girlfriend after all. I had to be loyal to him. Right?


 By the end of the day the day the situation hadn't blown over. In fact -according to the Stall Wall- there was even going to be a fight between between Billy and the New Kid in 5 minutes down by the creek.

 The Stall Wall was the center of gossip at Sungrove high school, it was where everyone who's anyone went to see what the latest and greatest been that day. There was always a new entry and it was almost always dated so that if you were sick when you came back you would still be in the know. 

 The Stall Wall called itself home in an old bathroom stall that had been out of order since the school was built in 1985. When they renovated the school in 2005 the school board was planning to remove the Stall and let it rot in our local dump. The everyone in town that had gone to school prior to that had severely protested by not sending their children to school and having sit-ins at town hall. It was eventually declared to be a historical landmark and left alone.

 I never really checked the S.W. probably because i had never been a lover of gossip. That day though, I felt an urge to check it. And it was a very good thing that I had.

 I stood in front of the door in a trance, gaping open-mouthed at the words. Finally Becca's angry words snapped me out of my daze.

 "I just can't! I can't believe this! Why didn't we know about this?! You ARE Billy's girlfriend after all! I mean, how DARE him." 

 At this point I honestly thought that she was done but no, Becca's never done, "And how do you think we look right now!? We have 5 minutes, we should have been there by now! When I get my hands on Billy I swear I'm gonna shove my wedge down his thr-" I finally cut Becca of by clamping a hand to her mouth.

 "Calm down! We can fix this, just say that you were too emotionally distraught at the news and couldn't bear the thought of going. But when I went there and saw that you were nowhere to be found, I ran back and forced you into coming so that you could support me emotionally." Becca nodded underneath my hand and stuck her tongue out, licking my palm.

 "EWWWWW! GROSSSSSS!" I screamed, letting go of her mouth and running to the sink.

 When my hands were thoroughly washed I remembered why we were in the bathroom. "BECCA WE HAVE TO STOP THE FIGHT!"

 "How are we gonna stop the fight? Unless you know karate...." Becca raised her left eyebrow at her last comment.

 "I don't know, I just know that this is my fault and I have to stop it." With a hair flick I turned on my heels and walked out of the door, determined and ready.

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