On the run

Gemma Fender put her boyfriend away two years ago for killing a boy in cold blood. Just the thought of it being her fault sent Gemma into a deep depression. But when her crazy ex boyfriend breaks out of prison in search of finishing what he started it breaks Gemma out of her trance and forces her to confront deep secrets of her past.

But some secrets are best kept hidden...

(Authors note- Yellow for some violence in the first few chapters. Absolutely no other adult content is involved in this story)


3. At the hospital and the aftermath

They took us all to the hospital because we were all pretty broken up. New kid got the worst of it though.

I only had a few scrapes and a swollen lip and while I was the least broken up out of the group the cuts that I did have were bleeding profusely and I had already gone through an entire box of band aides. Becca had a black eye and bruises around her neck and on her stomach-her shoes were ruined too but she said she wanted to keep them as a souvenir. Billy's friend was on bed rest (we beat him pretty bad) with multiple breaks to his jaw and left arm. And Billy had to get a heel surgically extracted from his right hand,he was missing chunks of his left hand and the doctor happily informed me that i had barely missed an artery,his right arm was broken,he had a broken ankle,a broken wrist and was being arrested..

 New Kid died.They did all they could but he was dead as soon as Billy mercilessly scraped his knife across his throat. Billy hit a major artery and one of New Kids ribs punctured his lung when they put him on the stretcher. Or at least thats what I heard from the passing nurse that I was able to flag down since my doctors were convinced that I needed to be kept in the dark.

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