His hands, cold and soft traced my neck placing small kisses.

My mind was blocked with the scent of his strong cologne and liquor.

My mind twisted as he bit under my ear.

"Don't leave me..."

I sighed.

"I don't know you...."

"Yes you do! YOU KNOW ME CHANTEL." He said, roughly grabbing my shoulders.




2. Madness

Just as I was about to respond, strong, rough hands held onto my hips. Blonde hair covered my neck.

"Hey beautiful." A thick Irish accent said before spinning me around.


"Uh w-what are you doing here?" I questioned. He knit his eyebrows together.

"Same reason as you.... to kill Harry Styles."

Harry clenched his jaw.

"It was high school Niall. Can't you forget about it?" Harry stated, shifting his body closer.

"Forget that you were my best friend? That you pretended to help me, while you took everything away from me? Now you tell my girlfriend that you loved her? I won't let you take her away from me." Niall said, kissing my jaw, forcing me into staying still. I shivered and dropped the knife.

"L-let me go N-Niall." I mentioned before getting out of his grip and running out.

"CHANTEL? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" I heard both of them yell.

"Away." I whispered, so that they couldn't hear.

I jumped into Niall's car and took out the keys. I turned it on quickly before speeding into the night.

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