His hands, cold and soft traced my neck placing small kisses.

My mind was blocked with the scent of his strong cologne and liquor.

My mind twisted as he bit under my ear.

"Don't leave me..."

I sighed.

"I don't know you...."

"Yes you do! YOU KNOW ME CHANTEL." He said, roughly grabbing my shoulders.




1. Darkness

Where am I?

Who is he?

My mind shivered at the sight of a young man sitting in-front of me.

His hands were tied behind him, held by thick, twisting ropes.

"Why Chantel...? WHY?!" He asked in a muffled yell.

"Why what?" I said, gripping onto the knife that was gripped onto me, ready to launch into his chest.

I drank the beer bottle that was laid next to me. My eyes drooped down over my brown, cloudy eyes.

"I loved you." He stated, looking up at me.

"Who are you anyway?!" I asked, shocked by his statement.

"The guy you hate. The guy you captured. The one who asked for forgiveness but was absent to my pleads." His British accent rang through my ears.




(ill post more later.)

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