She's So Gone (A One Direction Love Story)

Angel Wills is a 18 year old girl.She is the 'perfect' daughter of Kelly and Steve Wills.She never cuses,never shows atitude,never causes trouble,and most importantly,NEVER disagrees with her parent.But what happens when she finally comes to her sinces,doesn't listen to her parents,changes her pink skirt,shirts,heels,and lip-gloss,to all red and black clothing,and gets kicked out of the out?Well...looks like she has to move in with her rich and most favorite cousin and Aunt.But will she find more than just a roof over her head,while her couins friends stay over holiday?'r just gonna have to read to find out!


2. Yes?No?

Angel's P.O.V


I  went downstairs with the letter of my dreams in my hand."So,what did you want to tell us?" my mom asked."Well...I got in a college." I said.They were both so happy."Well that's GREAT!"My mom said."Whitch college?" " dream college." I wasn't entirly lieing...."What's your dream college sweetie?" My Dad asked. "It's......L.A.M.D.A" They both started laughing."What's so funny?" I asked."Oh honey,That was a nice joke,but you can't full us!You don't even sing!" My mom exclaimed."It's not a joke!I applide for a scholarship,and they put me through!" I said."Even if you so say 'did' aplie,why do it for a scholarship,we ARE rich...remember?" My mom said,putting air quotes around 'did' with an ammused look on her face. "Because,they only let REALLY talented people in that school,and I wanted to see what I was capable of!" I said while handing them the letter.They both read each about 3 times."Well,you are DIFENTALY NOT going,I mean,you know we hate music,and you can't make a career off of it!It's a hobby,NOt a JOB!" My mother said."But.." "No buts,no go upstairs and start doing some extra credit!" My Dad said.I ran upstairs,this CAN'T be happining.I did the only thing I could......I called my Aunt Anne.....

******Phone Call******(AA=Aunt Anne;A=Angel)


A:Aunt Anne?

AA:Angel dear?Is that you?!


AA:Babe?Are you crying?


AA:Why love?

A:I-I-I aplied f-f-for L-L-A-mm-M-Dd-A a-and mom and d-dad w-w-won't let me g-g-go-o

AA:Oh sweetie,I didn't know you could sing.Well just know if they change there minds,to come and visit me and Harry here in London.Okay?

A:Wait!I-I thought y-you lived in Ch-ch-chesire

AA:Well,we moved,considering Harry wanted to go to L.A.M.D.A as well,and I couldn't bare to be that far apart from him,with his sister gone too.


AA:Alright,love you munchkin

A:love you-you t-t-oo

****Phone Call Ended****

Then I had a great idea!

"Mom!Dad!I'm going shopping!" I said (yeah for a plane ticket,luggage,and new clothes that will make my parents go wild) I thought to myself.You see.If I start acting goth,then they'll think it would be best for me to go to the college of my dreams,then they can have the old Angel back.......At least I hope.

I drove to the mall and grabbed every single low cut black tops,short black shorts,black combat boots and heels,and black and red accecories and make up....with a few high tops,and white and gols pants I could find.Then I went to a tatoo parlor and got 3 tottos.1 was on my neck that was a blood red heart that had 'ILY' written across it.You see,ily(e-lie)was my long term boyfriend,and then he died in a car axadent.Then I got 2 on each side of my lower stomach,(or undermy bellybotton) The one on the right said (What The Hell!) In cursive,and the one on the left was just a black lipstick print.After that,I got a bellybotton peircing.I then changed into a black cut of shirt theat showed my bellybotton and tatoos,with black pants,a red belt,red gloves that showed your fingers,and red combat boots.I then wiped off my pink lipstick and left my natrual blood-red lips be.Yep!This outta freak my parents out.I then cut my hair sholder legnth,and got bangs that coveredmy forhed.Now the only thing that didn't make me look tough was my natrual blonde hair,and blue eyes.But I love my hair,so I didnt dye it.And I know what you thinking,(how can you be tough?) Well,when I was 6,My parents friends little girl got kidnapped for ransom,so my parents got paroniode and made me learn karate,judo,and all that chiz.Now only two more things left to do.I went to the nearest gas station and bought a pack of smokes.Then I went home.

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