She's So Gone (A One Direction Love Story)

Angel Wills is a 18 year old girl.She is the 'perfect' daughter of Kelly and Steve Wills.She never cuses,never shows atitude,never causes trouble,and most importantly,NEVER disagrees with her parent.But what happens when she finally comes to her sinces,doesn't listen to her parents,changes her pink skirt,shirts,heels,and lip-gloss,to all red and black clothing,and gets kicked out of the out?Well...looks like she has to move in with her rich and most favorite cousin and Aunt.But will she find more than just a roof over her head,while her couins friends stay over holiday?'r just gonna have to read to find out!


1. Questions?

Angel's P.O.V


I was sitting in my room,doing extra credit homework,when the mail man came.I jumped up and ran downstairs to go get it before my parents could.You see,I live in a mansion in Los Angeles,California.My mom's a lawer,and my dad ownes alot of big businesses across the country.They both want me to follow in there footsteps,but what no one knows,is that I want to be a singer.My parents never let me make my own dessisons,so it's a pretty scary step.Anyway.So to prove to them I was ready,and had the talent,I sent in an aplication for my dream college,L.A.M.D.A (London Academy Of Music & Dramatic Art).And today is the day I get the letter to see if I made it.I took the mail and ran upstairs.There it was! that held my dream inside.I opened it up and.....AHHHHHHHH!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!Words could not describe what I felt like!But reality hit me the face.....with a brick.My parents HATED music!They would NEVER EVER EVER!!! LET ME GO.Ughhhhh! What was I going to do?!"Angelica?Did you get the mail dear?"I heard my mom say.Ughh!I HATED my full name!"Yes ma'am.I got it....umm mom?" "Yes dear?" "Where is Dad?" "I right here" I heard my Dad say."Oh,umm..could I talk to both of you for a sec?" "Sure sweetie" My Dad said. Maybe this won't be so hard after all.

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