Fate Brought Us Together (A Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction)

Alyssa Kelly is a junior in college studying to be a businesswoman. Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college studying to be a businessman, but dropped out at the beginning of his last year to go on the x-Faxtor. When Louis is forced to go to his last year of college, he meets Alyssa. But what happens when they start to fall in love with each other? Will the other members be jealous of him? Will Louis' new girlfriend tear up 1D for good? Find out in "Fate Brought Us Together."


4. Unknown Note

(Alyssa's POV) 

I wake up the next morning with a giant smile on my face. Im gonna see Louis today, plus we have a date tonight!!

I quickly get ready, find my keys, and drive to school. 


Ugh, school is SO boring! My history teacher is so boring, she puts absolutely NO LIFE into the subject. 

My thoughts were interrupted when a piece of paper flies onto my desk. Thinking its from Louis, I quickly open up the letter:

You don't deserve him! 

Louis' not right for you, you need someone else to treat you right!

He's gonna break your heart, and I'll be there for when he does:)


You'll just have to find out:)

I look around the room, seeing if the mysterious boy is in this room. 

"Ms. Kelly you need to be paying attention! Now, you should already know this, but this document was written to make the U.S an independent country from Great Britain in 1776. What document was that?" Mrs. Williams asks me. 

"Umm.. The Declaration of Independence." I say proudly and look back at the note. "Very good!" She cheers. 

"Are you some kind of wizard or something?" Zeke asks from next to me. "Umm, no, she gave me an 8th grade question. You should know that, Zeke." I say and look back at the clock waiting for both the little and big hand land on the 12. 5 minutes to go. 

(Louis' POV) 

So right now i'm in English staring at the board, taking down notes. Im really good at English, its like my 6th sense. 

I look at the clock. 1 minute to go.

3, 2, 1

"Ok guys you are to do a 10 page essay about the 1st 6 pages of Romeo and Juliet." The teacher, Mrs. Ellis, assigned the class. 

I quickly leave the class and search for Alyssa through the almost empty hallway. I finally see her, but she has this hard look on her face. Like she's thinking. 

"Hey Alyssa. You ok?" I ask putting my arms out for a hug. She comes in for one and we embrace for a couple of minutes before she breaks away with tears in his eyes. "Hey whats wrong?" I ask again.

"Umm, this note flew on my desk and it said that you will break my heart and stuff like that!" She says breaking down. 

"I didn't think that it was true because you told me you liked me. I also didn't think that you wouldn't hurt me like that." SHe weeps. 

"Look at me," I say raising her head with my finger, "I would never hurt you! You know that. Don't let this stupid note frighten you. Don't let this stranger tell you who date!" I say getting a little mad.

"Who sent this to you?" I ask, "I don't know, it said 'You'll just have to find out'" She answers and starts to cry again. 

I bring her in for a bear hug. "Hey its ok Alyssa, don't let this stupid note by some stupid person ruin your day. Ok?" I reassure, looking at her. 

"Just go through today and try not to think about it. Ok?" I put my hands on her shoulders. 

"Do you want to go to my apartment?" I ask and she nods. 

We get in my car and I drive to my apartment. 

I hope that she's ok. Why would someone say that she cant date me and that I would break her heart? 

I dont know, but all I know is that I want to beat this person up for what he said. Whoever it is.

(Unknown person's POV)

I cant believe she likes Louis!

She doesn't deserve him, she needs someone who will treat her right. To make her feel loved.

I can already tell that whats going to happen:

Their going to get together, then he's going to break up with her because of "his schedule." 

And thats when i'm going to swoop in and be her lifeguard. 

(A/N: Ohh. Who's the mysterious person? Keep reading and you'll find out.)


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