Fate Brought Us Together (A Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction)

Alyssa Kelly is a junior in college studying to be a businesswoman. Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college studying to be a businessman, but dropped out at the beginning of his last year to go on the x-Faxtor. When Louis is forced to go to his last year of college, he meets Alyssa. But what happens when they start to fall in love with each other? Will the other members be jealous of him? Will Louis' new girlfriend tear up 1D for good? Find out in "Fate Brought Us Together."


7. Flashbacks

(Alyssa's POV) 

"What do you mean 'you were in love but you aren't anymore?'" I ask. All the boys have looks of guilt and sorrow. Whats going on? Im so confused!

"What do you mean!?" I shout, getting impatient. Louis pulls me up stairs to his room and he closes the door. 

"It doesn't have anything to do with you!" He starts, what!? How does this have nothing to do with me?

(Louis' POV)

"I dated a girl named Eleanor, we were together for about a year and a half and I was in love with her since our first date. I was planning on proposing to her on the night of our date, but it didn't work out well." I started and went back in time.


(Louis' POV)

I had the ring in my shirt pocket. I was dressed up and ready to ask the girl I loved to marry me. We're supposed to have a date tonight so thats when I'll ask her. Im so excited!

Driving to her house all I was thinking about was her reaction and answer to my question. I finally got to her house and parked in the driveway. 

I knocked on the door and hear her petite voice say: "Come in!" 

I walk into the house and saw a million dresses on the floor leading to her bedroom, "Hey Eleanor! You ready?" I ask only to see the room a mess, clothes everywhere, and her frantically putting makeup on. "Not quite." She says and turns to me. "Do I look ok?" She asks and I stare at her with wide eyes. She looked beautiful! 

"Yes you look gorgeous!" I answer, taking her hand and we walked to my car. 

We've been at the restaurant for a while and I think its time to ask her. But I don't think we should do it here. I pay for the bill and I walk her to a dock to a lake that was near the lake, hand in hand. 

"Eleanor," I start, "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I say and get down on one knee, taking out the ring. Her face went from loving to shocked. "Eleanor Calder, will you marry me?" I ask, opening the little, blue box, showing the diamond ring. 

She's taking a while to answer, why is she taking forever!? 

"Umm, you ok?" I ask, still on my knee. Its starting to hurt. She needs to answer!

"Umm, Louis, Im sorry, but.. I cant! I don't think Im ready." She starts to cry, she continues, "I think Im in love with someone else." 

"WHAT!!!!" I shoot up to my feet and stare at her putting the ring back into my pocket. "How could this happen!? You told me you loved me a month ago!" I screamed, tears now streaming down my face.

"Louis listen to me. I didn't think it was working out for a while now-"

"Then why didn't you tell me that when you thought it wasn't working!? Why did you have to tell me now! The night I fricking propose to you!?" I screech. 

"Louis listen, I didn't think it was working out because I was already falling in love with my friend, Travis." Eleanor reassures me, trying to calm me down. It didn't work. 

Why didn't she tell me she thought it wasn't working out last month, when she thought of it? Why did she finally tell me now, the night I propose to her? 

I dont know the answer, but all I know is that I need to let her go and break up with her.

But then it hit me, I still love her. I hope that she's happy with 'Travis.'

"Are you happy with Travis?" I ask her. "Yes, he treats me right, not that you didn't! You treated me the same way, but I guess my feelings for you died out when I met Travis." She responded. 

But that brings me to another thought, did she cheat on me when we were together? 

"Did you cheat on me?" 

"No. I just realized I had feelings for him last week. But I knew it wasn't going to work out the minute I met him." I start to cry.

"Hey, hey, hey, Im sorry that I told you tonight, I wish that I told you a month ago. But, I hope we can still be friends." She says and gives me a hug. I hug her back for the last time. 

"By Eleanor," I say and walk to my car. "IM SORRY!" Eleanor shouts before I drive off. 

Worst night of my life. 

(A/N: Dont hate about what Eleanor did. I personally think that Eleanor and Louis are perfect for each other. So.. yeah. I don't think that Eleanor would do that to someone but I just wrote it for a good story.) 

*End of flashback 

*Present day

(Alyssa's POV)


"I haven't talked to her since and that was 2 years ago. I heard that she got married to him and she didn't even invite me." Tears stream down his face and I wipe them off. 

"Hey, i'm very sorry! You don't deserve her. Thats usually what a girl would say to there friend when they break up with someone. But seriously i'm sorry." I give him a hug and he hugs me back. We break apart and we sit in silence for about 5 minutes. 

"I still have the ring. I never wanted to give it away, because I knew that if I ever was going to propose to someone else I would use that ring." He says, more tears falling from his eyes. I wipe the tears away from his eyes.

"I mourned about the break up for months. I realized that I need to stop freaking out about the break up and need to get over her. When I was finally getting over her Simon Cowell, our manager, made me go back to college and finish around my spare time. The next day, I met you. Just then I got over her completely." Louis says smiling at me. 

I remember that day. I will never forget that day. 

I remember that it was the first day of school, I was trying to catch my class and I ran into Louis' hard chest.

I remember staring into those blue eyes of his. Its amazing of how much we've grown together. How much our relationship has grown. 

"Well what about you. Have you ever been in love with someone?" Louis asked smirking at me, wiggling his eyebrows. My smile instantly sinks.

"Um. Yeah I was before, but he got killed." I wiped the stray tears away from my face. 

"Wow im sorry. How did that happen?" Louis asked and I went back in time.


(Alyssa's POV)

"Hey babe do you want to go out tomorrow?" My boyfriend, Conner, asked me on the phone. 

"Yeah, Id like that." 

"Great, Ill see you tomorrow around 5-ish, love you." He says before he hangs up the phone.

Me and Conner have been dating for about a year now, I really think that me and him will last forever and get married. 

I think that Conner might propose to me tomorrow. 

It all lines up: 

We're both in love with each other, 

We have a lot in common,

We're best friends, 

Plus he's been kinda acting weird lately. 

*The next day

Its around 3. I start to get ready when my phone rings. 


"Hey Alyssa, how are you?" My friend, Kelly, asks.

"Really good. Me and Conner are going on a date and I think that he might propose!" I squeal into the phone, jumping up and down.

"OMG. Do you really think that its gonna happen?" Kelly asks.

"Yeah, but I have to go. Hey you never know. I could come over to your house tonight with an engagement ring on my finger." 

"Yeah ok, by." She hangs up. 

I get dressed and within an hour and I watched T.V while waiting. 

About an hour later, I hear a car horn sound in front of my house and I go out only to see Conner waiting for me. 

"Hey you ready?" He asks me as I get into the car. 

"Yeah. Where are we going?" 

"Not telling! You'll just have to wait!" Conner says and we drive off to wherever were going. 

10 minutes later, we are sitting in the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to. "So was this the surprise you were giving me?" I ask anxiously. "Nope, theres one more surprise waiting for you. But first, I have to go the bathroom." I laugh as he leaves to go the bathroom. 

Hes been in the bathroom for a long time now, I should probably go see where he is. 

I walk to the bathrooms and asked a random man that was pretty tall, making me feel short, to see if my boyfriend is in there. He comes back out and saying that he wasn't in there and walks off. 

Hmm, I wonder where he is. 

And thats when I hear a loud boom that came from the back door leading to outside. I run past the door and see a man laying on the cement with a pool of blood around him. 

I see a man running away but he soon gets arrested. 

I run up to the man praying that its not Conner but its not any man laying there, its Conner laying there. Dead. 

I fall to my knees and hold him in my arms with blood falling onto my hands and outfit. But I didn't care. 

"Im sorry ma'm but this man is dead. Im really sorry." An ambulance person informs me. 

Before the ambulances wrap him in a body bag, I look through his pockets to see if theres something I could take in memory of him. Just when I lost hope, I feel this box in his pocket and take it out just as the ambulances take him away. 

I look up to the ambulance car, then back to the little box in my hands. 

I open it and my guesses were answered. He was going to propose to me. This ring was gorgeous, the ring I always wanted. 

This makes me cry even harder. I hug the little box to me heart and cry, cry, cry. 

I realize then that if I wear the ring, he will always be with me, well sort of. I put the ring on my right hand ring finger. I wish that I could wear the ring on my left hand though, but that will never happen. 

Why did this have to happen to me? 

*End of flashback

(Alyssa's POV)

Tears fell from my eyes but I quickly wipe them away. "Im sorry, babe. I really am." Louis reassures me. I just hug him.

"I mourned about the death of him for a couple of months. I still wear the ring now." I exclaim pulling my hand out showing the ring. 

"Wow, I dont know about you but he has good taste in jewelry!" Louis exclaims looking at the ring in awe. That made me giggle.

"Yeah I thought it was gorgeous when I saw it. I still think it is." I say, looking at the ring, then standing up.

"Well Im gonna go, I need some sleep. Night, night!" I explain, kissing Louis on the lips before leaving the room and going into my room. 

I lay on the bed, thinking about that night he died. Tears start to poor out of my eyes and I let out a little weep. 

"Why me?" I ask and I soon fall asleep. 












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