Fate Brought Us Together (A Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction)

Alyssa Kelly is a junior in college studying to be a businesswoman. Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college studying to be a businessman, but dropped out at the beginning of his last year to go on the x-Faxtor. When Louis is forced to go to his last year of college, he meets Alyssa. But what happens when they start to fall in love with each other? Will the other members be jealous of him? Will Louis' new girlfriend tear up 1D for good? Find out in "Fate Brought Us Together."


3. Falling

(Aylssa's POV) 

"Mom you totally embarrassed me!" I yell as I run into my room. A couple minutes later my mom comes into my room.

"Honey what's wrong?" She asks me as she sits on my bed. "Its just that you embarrassed me in front of a guy that I really like!" I exclaim. 

"Honey I'm sorry, I didn't think that you liked him." She reassures me and pats my back. "Well you shouldn't have said that I had to go to bed." I say looking at my mom. 

"Honey I promise that the next time he comes over or walks you home, I won't embarrass you." My mom reassures me. I only smile towards her and she returns that smile. 

"So, you like this Louis hmm?" My mom asks wiggling her eyebrows at me. "Mom! Yes I like him." I simply say, but I can feel my cheeks heat up. "Do you think he likes you back?" 

"Umm.. He told me that he did." I say in more of a question. "Ah, thats sweet. You 2 would be really cute together. How was your date?" My mom cheers. "Thanks mom. Umm, it was good. We just got to know each other and stuff. He asked if I wanted to go to his house and I told him yes, so we went to his house." I start to explain the date, "We played 'truth or dare' and Zayn dared Louis to kiss me in another room, so me and Louis kissed in his room." I smiled at the thought. 

"Was it a good kiss?" my mom asks eagerly. "Umm, yes sure." I answer and continue my story, "Louis was kinda unsure about kissing me but I reassured him that it was fine, so we kissed. Until Niall ruined the moment. And then he took me home and he kissed me there for like a split second until you came out and ruined the moment." I say looking at my smiling mom. 

"Ah, thats so sweet. Do you guys think you'll go on another date?" She asks. "Umm, I don't know. I think we might." I shrug my shoulders. 

(Louis' POV) 

I couldn't stop thinking about Alyssa! I felt so embarrassed when me and Alyssa were caught kissing, but I think that I saw her blushing like a tomato. Im a sucker for girls who blush. 

My phone rings, interrupting my thoughts. I check it and see that its Alyssa: 

Hey, I had fun on our date:) 

I smile at that.

Me: Yeah I had fun to. The kiss was good to;)

Alyssa: Yeah, except the fact that my mom ruined the moment. 

Me: Yeah, so do u want to hang out tomorrow after school? 

Alyssa: Umm, yeah? Ill see you then:)

Me: Ok.. see u then:)

I put my phone on the nightstand and I get ready for bed. 

"Hey Louis! What ya up to?" Harry stumbles into the room with a beer can in his hand. Yep he's drunk! 

"Um nothing just getting ready for bed." I answer as Harry slings his arm around my shoulders. "Ok Harry, you need to go to bed!" I say and help him to his room. 

"But i'm not tired!" Harry whines, and immediately falls asleep when his head hits the pillow of his bed. 

I walk back to my bedroom and lay in my bed thinking about Alyssa. Soon I enter the world of dreams. 

(A/N: This chapter is really bad!! Comment!!)

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