First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


3. The cousin's house

In the morning I woke up from my dad waking me me up.

"Time to get up and get ready. We are going to your cousin's house in Janesville."

"Okay I'm getting up." As so as my dad left the room I look at my phone,

<Text from: Colin: Goodmorning sleepy head

Just one text from him, makes my day.

<Text to Colin: Morning! Guess where I am going to be today!

<Text from Colin: Where?!?! Milton?

<Text to Colin: Close...Jenesville I have family there.

<Text from Colin: Maybe you could seek away and meet me

<Text to Colin: They live on a farm and I have to help with chores

<Text from Colin: What kind of chores?

<Text to Colin: Like milking cows and feeding the caves

<Text from Colin: So a milking farm

<Text to Colin: We live in Wisconsin so yes it's a milking farm

I got out of bed and starting getting ready. I went to the bathroom and did my hair. I always up my hair up in a bun, unless its something specially. Then I got dress, a pair of jean shorts and my old softball t-shirt. Then up a little bit of makeup on but not a lot. Then check my phone. No text yet. I went downstairs and ate some breakfast. By the time I was done it was time to go. We have an hour and 45 minute drive. Then my phone went off.

<Text from Colin: Yeah that's true

<Text to Colin: This is a long car ride. I'm really bord

<Text from Colin: Well I'm here you can talk to me

<Text to Colin: Yeah I know

<Text from Colin: Tell me about your self

<Text to Colin: What do you want to know?

<Text from Colin: What are your favorite things to do and stuff

<Text to Colin: My favorite thing to do is play softball and volleyball, I am in band, I play the flute, I have two younger brothers and a pet dog. What about you?

<Text from Colin: I played football my freshman year of high school but thinking about playing this year, i am in show choir, i have one older brother, one older sister, one older half brother and one younger brother

<Text to Colin: Your going to have to explain your siblings thing to me in person because I'm lost

<Text from Colin: Yeah I know it's confusing

<Text to Colin: Well I will try to text you as much as possible, I'm at my cousins house

<Text from Colin: We are so close but probably won't see each other.

<Text to Colin: Yeah I know

I sent that last text as so as we pulled into the drive away of my cousins house. I haven't been here in 5 years and things of change, like a lot. My cousin is a year older than me and he has change so much. He has the perfect dirty blonde hair, the perfect blue eyes, and the perfect height for any girl.

"Olivia! Is that you?" My dad's aunt said.

"Yeah it's me." I replied

"Oh my god! You have changed into a beautiful young lady, Matt get down here. She's here!"

Matt is a senior in high school and Mark is a sophomore in high school. Matt always gives me a hug but Mark never dose. 

"Oh my god Olivia! You have change so much. I can don't believe it's you. Your going to have to prove it that it's really you." Matt said.

"Okay, how?"
"Follow me." He whisper in my ear."We will be right back." He went out the door and I follow, so did Mark.

"What do I have to do?" I ask

"You will see when we get there." said Matt

"Olivia, do you know if Rita is going to be here?" ask Mark.

"Um, I'm not sure because my grandparents are coming too." I replied "Why"

"Oh nothing, just she is here almost every weekend with my sister and it gets weird when I have friends over."

"Yeah that kinda sucks."

"Yeah so I was hoping she isn't and we can have more time together just us cousins."

"Yeah I understand that. Matt are we almost there."

"Got to love city people." Matt said softly but I could hear him.

"What did you just call me?"

"A city person."

"Oh hell no! Im not a city person. I am both country and city person, but right now I'm country."

"Okay your the Olivia that I know." Matt said while laughing.

"That's it? That's all you wanted from me?"
"Yeah I know, not much just we are out of the house and have teenager talk."

"Okay, deal."

"So how many guys have you been talking to?"

"Right now, one."

"That's it?'" both said Matt and Mark

"You make it sound like a bad thing." I replied

"Well for a beautiful girl like you I'm kinda surprised!" said Mark

"So what's his name?" ask Matt

"His name is Colin, but I don't know yet. Like if he is good for me."

"Olivia! Any guy is good for you. You are beautiful." said Mark

"Aw! Thanks Mark that means a lot to me!"

"Your welcome."

"Okay this is weird you two are acting like a couple and it's weird so stop it!" said Matt

"Sorry but someone is calling me." I look at the caller ID and it was Colin.

"Hello?" I answer

"Hey! I hope your not busy."

"No just talking to my cousins but I can leave them."

"Oh I thought....never mind."

"Okay." I was walking down the dirt road behind the barn so no one could hear me. "I still have to go milking and stuff."

"Well if this is a bad time I can go."

"No it's fine. My cousins are being weird anyway and I needed to get a away."

"Haha! Well how are you?"

"Good how about you?"

"Great now. Because I can hear your voice."

"Yeah I have a crappy voice don't I?"
"No, it a great voice."

"Okay. So tell me more about you."

"Well what else do you want to know?"
"Tell me about band and what instrument do you play again?''

"I play the flute and my marching band is like great but we only do football games."
"Oh, I was in band but I quite for show choir."

"Show choir is like Glee right?"
"Yeah but not really. I think it's fun more fun than the Glee show."

"Oh haha."

"You seem like a quite person."

"No I'm just shy at first but once you get to know me I probably won't shut up."

"Well good to know than."

"Yeah that is." I heard my dad's whistle. When my dad whistles I have to run to him as fast as I could go or I would get in trouble.

"Sorry But I have to go. My dad is calling me. Probably to start chores."

"Oh okay. Can you call me after your done?"
"Yeah maybe. It depends on how long it takes us."

"Okay. Bye."


After I hang up the phone I ran to my dad to see what he wanted. But then my cousins grab me before my dad saw us.

"OMG! Was that the first phone call?" Ask Mark

"Yes it was and can we get started before my dad finds me."

"Yeah, do you want to clean, drip, or rinse?"

"I will clean." I grab a towel and starting cleaning the otters.

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