First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


4. The cousin's house part 2

In the milking parlor, it was Matt, Mark, Matt's girlfriend Rachel, Rita, and me. We all did our jobs but it was too crowed.

"We need to feed the caves also." Said Matt. "I think Rachel and I will do that, Rita want to come too?"

"Yeah I do!" Rita said.

"So it's just Mark and I?" I ask.

"Yeah I guess so, unless you want me to get your dad. Mark has tons of stories to tell them..."

Mark and I both cut him off, "NO!"

"Okay, so get to work." All three of them left and it was just me and Mark."

We got to work in silence but it broke off when he turned on the radio and Taylor Swift Love Story. I starting to sing again.

"Hannah you have an amazing voice."

"Thanks but I only sing for fun."
"You should sing to that one guy, what's his name again?"

"Oh yeah. So are you going date him?"

"I don't know yet. But he wants to he has to ask."

"Really? What if he never asks and you guys are just friends."

"By the way we are talking, he will probably ask me out soon."

"Yeah right I bet you he won't ask you until next week."

"I bet he will ask me by the end of the week."

"Okay and if I win, next time your here milking by yourself."

"Alright and if i win you have to apologize to Colin."

"Okay deal!"

"Deal." I respond. We went back to work and I was sing to the radio. Mark always change the station when there was a commercial. We were almost done and my phone goes off.

<Call from: Colin

"Hey if I would leave right now would you been mad?" I ask Mark

"No I could handle the rest by myself why?" Before I answered Mark I answered my phone.

"Hello?" I ask really loudly. But I couldn't hear anything from the other side."Hang off I will call you back." I hang up the phone. "Mark, Colin just called me what should I do?"

"Leave and call him back." He yelled at me at but when I turned around and my dad was walking in. I ran thought the parlor to the back side so that I didn't have to run into my dad. I called Colin back. After about the third ring, he answered.


"Colin? It's Olivia."
"Hey, were you still milking cows?"
"Yeah but we were hiding from my parents, having cousins talk."

"That's good to have."

"Yeah but they are boys and it's weird cause I'm a girl."

"Well it's still good." I heard someone coming behind me, as I turned around, Mark took the phone from my hands and said something to Colin but I could hear him.

"Here your phone back." Mark said.

Before talking to Colin again, "What did you say to him?"
"Ask him."

"Ask Colin! Before he hangs up!"

"Olivia? Who was that and why do they want me to not ask you important questions until next week?"
"Don't listen to him. That was my cousin Mark, being Mark."

"Oh so he wont mind me asking you a question?"

"And what will that be"

"Well I wanted to know if you...wanted....well..."

"Go on."

"Never mind I will text you i."

"Okay sorry but can you text me cause I haven't eaten dinner yet and I am really hungry after all that milking."

"Yeah I will text you. Bye."

"Bye." I hang up the phone and went looking for Mark. Of course he was on the tractor, so I follow him until stop and climb up behind him to try to scared him. I went though the back part of the window, the music was turned up all way the way, by the time I finally got in and whispered in his ear, he was screaming like a little girl. I couldn't stop laughing. He pulled me into his lap and I got to drive around goofing off, and just being teenagers. It wasn't before long, that I realized that Mark's arms were around my waist , like we were a couple. This feeling felt new to me, so I didn't know what to do.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh nothing just thinking."

"Okay my turn." He said and taking the wheel but still kept me in his lap. By the time we got to the barn, put the tractor away, and walked up to the house, dinner was over.

"Hey where have you been, you too. You missed dinner and now your food is cold." Said Mark's mom.

"Sorry mom we had to clean some stuff up in the parlor and then I almost forgot to put hay into the feeder, so Olivia help me with that." Mark replied.

Oh sweetheart, you didn't have to do that! Mark could've done it himself. Here have some pizza."

"He ask for my help and I help. But thank you I am really hungry after all the work." I said. I warm up some pizza for Mark and I. By the time I was sitting down and eating it, I look at my phone and got a text.

<Text from Colin: Hey so my question is what do you think of me?

<Text to Colin: More than friends wbu?

<Text from Colin: Thats how i see it

I didn't respond for awhile because Mark was yelling at me for having my phone out on the table. I put it away but still thinking about what Colin said about how I see him. I see as a friend but more. But if he sees me as a girlfriend, he needs to ask the question soon.


*Few hours later*

We went outside until sunset and we were saying our goodbye and stuff. Mark kept pick up my little brother, Sam, and was wracking him at me. I tried and run for it but he could keep up with me. Finally he was out of breath and I stood there like nothing happen.

"How are you not out of breath?"

"Mark I am a volleyball and softball player. I have to run all the time."

"Yeah that's true." Then he gave me a surprised hug. I hugged him back cause I didn't want my parents thinking it was weird that he hugged me. Then I hugged his parents and my grandparents, and of course Rita.

"I will keep you posted about Colin and I." I said in her ear.

"Okay I can't wait!" she responded.

I go into the track and my dad started the car and we were off.

<Text to Colin: Now my long car ride home begins

<Text from Colin: I wish I could see you

<Text to Colin: What do you mean? Like in person?

<Text from Colin: Yeah like do you have a Skype?

<Text to Colin: Yeah I do

<Text from Colin: That's how I will see you

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