First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


5. The big question

Colin and I have been talking for almost five days now. Today is Friday, I have a football game tonight (I'm in the marching band). Waunakee was play Defrost (hardest team to play). We were text each other non-stop for the whole day. But I had to stop and get ready for the football game.

<Text from Colin: can u still text during the game?

<Text to Colin: Yeah I can try but my director might take my phone if he sees it

<Text from Colin: dont get into any trouble

<Text to Colin: Haha I won't try to

<Text from Colin: please dont baby

I was screamed when I got that text. That was the first that anyone has called me baby. I had a huge smile on my face and I couldn't stop. My parents kept giving me weird looks.

"What's up with you?" my dad ask.

"Oh nothing, Amy has to tell me something really important." I responded. Then was playing on my phone. 

When my dad drove me to the game I was on my phone texting.

"Hey, you need to get off your phone or I will take it away."

"Okay." I said and put my phone is my packet. Then the car came to a stop, I got out of the car, and walk towards the school. I had a long walk and my phone kept going on. I waited it until my dad couldn't see me and grab my phone and starting texting Colin.

<Text to Colin: Why do football games have to be so boring for the band?

<Text from Colin: yeah ik. i wish i could see u

<Text to Colin: Do u have a skype?

<Text from Colin: yeah but idk how to use it

<Text to Colin: It's easy after away but we should skype tonight

<Text from Colin: yes i would love that

<Text to Colin: Great brb getting dressed

After I sent that I got my uniform and went to the choir room, where the girls get dressed, and got dressed. After about 10 minutes I was done and went to the band room to warm up with everyone. I was glad that there was a pocket in the front of the uniform so I could bring my phone. After warm ups, we walked outside and everyone cheered as we did, mostly the adults though. My high school doesn't really care about the band, which I think is sad because we work our butt off just to perform in front of everyone. The  band only plays for per-game, 1st and 2nd quarters, half time, and call the teams onto the field again.

,<Text from Collin: how u r doing?

<Text to Colin: Great just got done with half time and walking into the building

<Text from Colin: what time do u think u will be home?

<Text to Colin: Um about 9

<Text from Colin: ok i might not be home cuz one of my friends need help with there car

<Text to Colin: oh ok

<Text from Colin: yeah im sorry but i don't think we can skype tonight

<Text to Colin: That's fine. Ill text u later

I was kind of mad after that because I really wanted to see him for the first time. I got undressed and put my uniform away and hangout with my friends and watch the rest of the football game. Of course Waunakee won. 14-7

When I was driving home my phone want off.

"Hello?" I ask

"Hey how are you?"

"Who is this?"
"It's Colin."

I look at the number but he wasn't calling from his phone.

"Where's your phone?"
"I left it at my house but I need to ask you something."

"Okay what is it?"

"Will have to text you it."

"Okay..." and he hang up the phone. A few minutes later I got this text,

<Text from unknown number: Hannah, will you go out with me? -C

<Text to unknown number: I course I will

I was the happiest person ever right now. I have my first real boyfriend! I pulled into the driveway and walk to the front door with the biggest smile ever but I had to hid it from my parents. I walk in said hello and went straight upstairs and smiled even more.

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