First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


6. Seeing each other for the first time...kinda

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When I woke up this morning, I didn't want to move for do anything. I just want to text my boyfriend all day. I look at my phone and

<Text from Colin: Goodmorning!

<Text to Colin: Morning!

<Text from Colin: How is my girl?

<Text to Colin: I'm ok just got up wbu?

<Text from Colin: I have been up for awhile now

<Text to Colin: Do u have something going now today?

<Text from Colin: No i was at my friends house

<Text to Colin: Oh that's right I forgot sorry

<Text from Colin: Its ok. u much sleep alot its like 9:30

<Text to Colin: Yeah ik I stayed up late

<Text from Colin: Oh did you have a fun night?

<Text to Colin: I had a great night. Why?

<Text from Colin: jw

<Text to Colin: What's jw?

<Text from Colin: just wondering

<Text to Colin: oh sorry I'm bad with texting

<Text from Colin: It's ok im kinda to

I finally got out of bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast, while my family is deciding on what we are going to do today.

"It's a nice day outside, we should go to the beach or shopping." said my mom.

"We should go shopping and get last minute school stuff." I said

"Not a bad idea Olivia, boys do you need anything for school? Olivia and I are going to the store."

"Here's my list." said my younger brother, Harry.

"Yeah me too." said my other brother, Liam.

"Have you even started getting stuff." I ask.

"No, mom wouldn't take us." They both said and went back to player their video games.

"They haven't even started yet," I told my mom, "well we will be busy today."

"Yeah we should go now before everything is gone. Bye boys!"

"Bye mom.'' They paused the game, "Bye Olivia." Said Harry. Harry was my favorite, even Liam know that and didn't really care. Harry will have my back no matter what we go though. When he is mad I am the only one who can talk to him and clam him down even though to talk to.

**After shopping**

<Text to Colin: Hey

<Text from Colin: hey baby

<Text to Colin: What's up?

<Text from Colin: nothin much just hanging with some friends wbu?

<Text to Colin: Just got back from shopping for school

<Text from Colin: ur a sophomore right?

<Text to Colin: No I'm a freshman wbu?

<Text from Colin: I'm a junior

<Text to Colin: Oh

<Text from Colin: yeah

<Text to Colin: Ur so lucky! u get to go to prom!!

<Text from Colin: Yeah I'll take u. u seem like a party type

<Text to Colin: We will see plus I'm not a party type girl.

<Text from Colin: I bet u r! high school will change that!

<Text to Colin: Yeah I'm kinda scared

<Text from Colin: whens ur first day?

<Text to Colin: Two days

<Text from Colin: U will do fine and I will be here if u need me

<Text to Colin: Thanks!

We kept texting back and forth. Later that night...

<Text from Colin: Do u want to skype?

<Text to Colin: Yeah

<Text from Colin: I will call u

As I was logging into skype, my heart was pounding like never before.

<Skype call from: Colin M>

I waited for the computer to load. His hair was so perfect the way it flowed and his dark brown eyes.

"Hello." Colin said.

"Hi." I replied with a little bit of bushing.

"Well this is my first skype video call ever.''

"Really? This is like my millionth. I have family all over but we like to stay in touch."

"Really like where?"

"Um Washington state and Jefferson."

"You have family in Jefferson?"

"Yeah that's where most my family is."

"That's like 30 minutes from Milton, you know."

"Yeah I know."

Awkward silence

"So?" he ask.

"Tell me something that I would be surprised that."

"Okay....let me think....I know! So this one time I went sledding and I fell off the sled and hit my head. I had to be med-flighted to the hospital."


"Oh all I got was a concussion."

"For sledding and hitting your head?"

"Yeah and all I remember is blacking out when med-flight took off. Like I black out in the air."

"That's scary. But my weird sledding story is... I was sledding with my cousins and we were sledding into my dog's cage thing. The first time I went down I hit the pole and hit my arm. I didn't go to the hospital right away because my dad always said 'If you not bleeding, stop crying' after that he has never said that. But after about 5 hours my grandma finally told my parents to take me to the hospital. The doctors said that I broke my arm and would need to wear a sling for about 4 months."

"Wow. You are a better story teller than me."

"Yeah kinda and my mom was pregnant with my brother so we have visits to the hospital all the time in the 4 months."

"Yeah I'm kinda surprised with your story. I think it's better than mine."

We talked for two hours nonstop. When I look at the clock it was 11:45.

"I could stay up and talk all night but I am really tired."

"I could've said that like a long time, but I didn't. I wanted to talked to the most beautiful girl in the world."

"Awe thanks! Well goodnight!


<Skype call ended: Colin M>

I had a bigger smile from the night before. I had the perfect boyfriend for me.

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