First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


9. Mall date part 2

"I see you!" I hang up and kinda ran to him. He walk in the door and I gave him a huge hug. I was so happy and didn't want anyone to ruin it.

We hugged for a little bit, but about halfway though, he pulled me in closer. That made me like him more because I felt safe.

When we pulled away, "Hi," was the only thing I could say.

"Hey," he said.

"My mom and Liam are over there."

"Mkay." I laugh every time Colin says "Mkay" or "Mbye". When we were walking over there it was kinda awkward.

"Mom this is Colin, Colin my mom." They shakes hands. "And you know Liam all ready."

"Of course I do, hey little buddy." Colin meet my brothers on skype one night but he calls both of them little buddy.

"Just hanging out, I guess." Liam said.

"Cool well I think we are going to go shopping." said Colin.

"Well that's the plan." I said.

"You two have fun. I will have my cell, if you need anything."

"Okay, mom." and we started our date.

At first it was kinda awkward but the, "So where do you want to go?" ask Colin.

"Um, Forever 21, Debs, Holilster, Dicks, and JCPenny's. OH and the wet seal." I replied

"What do you need at Dicks?" (Yes Dicks is a store, a sport goods.)

"I was going to look for new softball stuff and maybe a new volleyball."

"Softball stuff?"

"Yeah like batting gloves, glove, and maybe a bat depending on if they have any."

"Well I can tell your a softball player, we will go there first."

"Okay." I smiled.

On the walk there one thing kept popping into my head, Homecoming. It's my first homecoming and I wanted to go with Colin but I don't want to bring it up unless he asks me to go to his.

We walk into Dicks and I went straight to the softball area. I kinda left him behind, so it took him awhile to find me.

"You left me." said Colin.

"Yeah sorry I really want to look fast because I want to try some dresses on."

"Oh that's right, homecoming is coming up. Do you have a date?"

"Well I was hoping you could come with me."

"Do you have a guess pass or whatever your school calls it?"

"Yeah," I pulled it out of my packet, "here."

"How did you get it so fast?"


"Olivia, are you going to take Colin to Homecoming?" ask Liz.

"I'm not sure yet, we haven't talk about it yet."

"You should ask the office lady for a guess pass."

"Should I?"

"Yeah then you can give it to him during the mall date."

"Alright I'll get one."

Right before lunch ended I went to the office and ask the office lady. Turns out that she is a family friend of ours.

"Hey Pat!"

"Well miss Olivia, what brings you here?"

"I was kind of hoping you have guess passes for Homecoming."

"Yes I do. But why do you need one? I thought your dad said that you couldn't date until your 18."

"Yeah will I got one and I'm happy." I replied with a big smile.

"Students shouldn't have them yet but just for you, I'll let you have one."

"Thanks Pat your the best!"

"Anytime sweetheart."


"So that's how I got it." I explained to Colin.

"Well aren't you just a smart girl, my girl." All I could do was smile.

We walked around Dicks for about a hour, then we left.

"Where to next?" ask Colin.

"JCPenny's? They have really cute dresses."


When we were walking to JCPenny's, we saw some couples walking by us holding hands. Finally Colin realized it and grab my hand. It took me by surprise but I was happy. The whole time I had a smile on my face and didn't really care who was judging on us.

<Incoming Call from: Lizzz>

"Sorry Colin, Liz is calling."


"Hey girl! So I want to meet Colin. Where are you guys?"

"We are in JCPenny's, I'm looking at dresses." Colin gave me a look that was like why did you tell her.

"Ohhh! I want to help and meet to stay there and don't move."

"Okay, we won't." I hang up the phone.

"So what did Liz want?" ask Colin

"She wants to meet you and hopefully see my dress."

"Oh okay, and I really want to see you in this dress."

"Okay I will pick a few and try them on."

For about 10 minutes I was looking at dresses and then went to the dressing rooms. The first dress I tried on was pretty but not for me. It was a light pink, low high, strapless dress. I thought Colin might want to see it, but it wasn't his pick.

"Wow, that dress is beautiful!"

"I don't know like I like the dress but I don't think it's for me."

"Yeah I can see why you say that."

"Yeah I will go try your pick now."

I walk back to the dressing room and change into his pick. It was a blue, high low, strapless dress with a sweetheart neck line. I fell in love with this dress it was really pretty and my style. I heard someone was talking to Colin so I waited for a minute until they stop. I walked out and Colin couldn't stop smiling.

"Olivia, you look so beautiful!"

"Thanks! I really like this dress."

"You know what," he walks up to me and looks that the price tag, "I'm going to buy this dress for you. I don't care what your mom says about it, your wearing to my Homecoming." I was so happy that I was going to his homecoming in this dress. I went back to the changing rooms and change back into my cloths. When I walked out Colin already paid for the dress and Liz just walk in the door.

"LIZ!!!" I ran up to her and gave her a hug.

"OLIVIA!!!" she hug me back. "So? Did you get a dress?"

"Yeah and Colin paid for it too!"

"OMG!! That's so cute!!"

"Yeah. AH! Colin this is Liz, Liz this is Colin." They shacks hands and stuff.

"Well I'm hungry, do you want to come to the food court with me?"

"Sure but why are you so hungry?"

"I just come from a dancing competition."

"Oh how are you doing?"

"Great so far. First place in hip hop, later we have, um I don't remember sorry."

"It's okay."

We walked out the store, I was holding my dress in one hand and Colin had that other. Liz was walking in the other side of me.

"So how long have you guys been here?"

"Almost two hours." I replied.

"WOW! That's a long time. Did you look at any softball stuff?"

"Yeah I did and nothing really new, but I can't wait for the season to start. Guess how we play?"

"Who?" both asked at the same time.

I had to laugh. "We play Milton." Colin laughed, while Liz was confused. "That's Colin's school."

"OH!" she laughed, "Well then you should ask some girls at his homecoming if they are any good." she whispered into my ear. All I could do is laugh.

We walk to the food court and Liz got her food, while Colin and I were talking about what to get. I wanted ice cream but I didn't want to eat it alone. Then I thought of my favorite coffee place.

"Hey Liz, is Gloria Jeans still here?"

"Good question," she thought for a moment, "Yeah I think so but I don't know where." I stood up and so did Colin and we went to find it.

"What's Gloria Jeans?"

"It's a really good coffee shop that I love."

"Oh okay." He grab my hand after that. We walked around and couldn't find it. I was really sad after that. We walked pasted my mom and Liam.

"Hey guys! Wait what is that?" ask my mom.

"It's a dress that Coli bought me, so I'm going to wear it at his homecoming."

"And when is it?

I looked at Colin and he replied, "October 6, I think but its the first Saturday of October."

"Perfect, that's when we are going to your grandparents anyway." How could this be any better? I kept thinking.

After that Colin and I went to a few stores and didn't really get anything until he brought me to Zummiez.He got me a "I <3 boobies" bracelet. Mine was pink and his was black. We put it on the same wrist, and didn't know until we were holding hands.

When we pasted my mom and Liam again, they wanted to go. So we handed to the cars.

"I had a great day today." said Colin.

"Yeah me too and thanks for the dress and bracelet." I replied.

"No problem."

We walked out the door and into the sunlight. I turned and gave him a big hug. I didn't want him to leave. The next time I will see him is for my homecoming.

"I will see you soon don't worry."

"Yeah I know."

"Skype me tonight, no matter what."

"Okay I will."

"I love you." That was the first time that he told me that.

"I love you too." After I said that I was so happy. Then I thought what if he gave me a kiss too. It would be my first and I wouldn't be ready. We pulled away and walked away from each other. I was kind of sad because I loved seeing him and also not getting my first kiss.

"Did you have fun?" ask my mom.

"Yeah I did."

"Are you crying?" ask Liam.

"NO! My contact shifted." I replied quickly.

"Yeah, okay, sure." said Liam.

We stop at a stoplight and I was looking across the way and I saw Colin. I grab my phone and called him.

"Well that was fast, what's up?"

"Look to your left." That's all I said and he did look and smile. "I see you!" All I did was laugh. The light change and he drove away. Two more weeks until I will see him person.

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