First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


2. Getting to know him

<Text from Colin: free as in r u single?

<Text to Colin: Yeah I'm single

I was driving home and I was still waiting for that text massage. I had a butterflies in my stomach for the first time. It was good and weird at the same time. I had to call my best friend and explain whats going on.

(Calling Liz)

"Hello?" ask Liz

"Hey you will never believe what just happen!"

"My cousin kind of set me up with this guy and I think he is going to ask me out.."

"Are you driving?"
"Yeah can you tell?"

"Yeah but that's cool. Maybe you can bring him to homecoming."

"I have to get to know him first."
"Yeah that's would be a good thing. haha!"

"Well I thought I would just call you and catch you up. I'm almost home."

"Okay." Liz sad in a sad tone. "Don't forgot to text me!"

"I won't!"

As soon as I walk into the front door I walked right up stairs into my room and fell on my bed. I rested my eyes for a second, then my phone vibrated

<Text from Colin: Good. So what are you doing?

<Text to Colin: I just got home from my cousin's house. Wbu?

<Text from Colin: Just hanging out with some friends

<Text to Colin: Awesome!

<Text from Colin: Just wondering r u free this friday?

<Text to Colin: No sorry I have marching band this friday. Football game

<Text from Colin: Where is it at?

<Text to Colin: It's at home. BTW where do u live?

<Text from Colin: I live in Milton wbu?

<Text to Colin: Oh,I have family down there and I live in Wauankee

<Text from Colin: wheres that?

<Text to Colin: Its by Madison, like 15 minutes away

<Text from Colin: I will have to see my brother, just to see you

<Text to Colin: What do you mean?

I looked at the time and I was 8:30. I was getting hungry, so I went downstairs and got some food. My family was sitting round the TV. So I ate fast and went back upstairs to my phone. I was tired of sitting round, so I took a shower. By the time I got out and got dress, I finally got a reply.

<Text from Colin: My older brother goes to the university. I usually go there every other week but I get bord so then I go back home

<Text to Colin: So you would waste gas just to see ur brother?

<Text from Colin: Yeah I guess you could say that.

<Text to Colin: Guess what I just found out."

<Text from Colin: What?

<Text to Colin: I will be 5 minutes away from Milton tomorrow!

<Text from Colin: Maybe we should hang out then

<Text to Colin: Idk if i can get away from my family...

<Text from Colin: Stay close to ur phone then i will text u cuz i have nothing to do tom anyway

<Text to Colin: Ok i will. Well it's late I'm going to bed. Night!

<Text from Colin: Goodnight!

I fell asleep with a smile on my face like never before. I was happier than I have been before. I have to thank my cousin for this idea and pay her back.

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