First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


12. Friday Night Football Game

I love going to football games, but I'm in the marching band. I don't like how the students don't like the band but the parents do. I was so happy though because homecoming is tomorrow! I get to see Colin, again. I get to slow dance with him for the first time and more. "Olivia!" yelled Liz. "Yeah, what's up?" "Can you zip me up?" "Of course, I can." I laugh. Our marching band coats' zipper were upside down, like instead of zipping up, it's down. "Thank you very much!" "No problem, but you zip me up too?" "YEAH!" I put on my coat and she zipped me up. "Wait, what about you phone?" "It's in the hidden pocket." "Oh!" she laughed. We walk out of the hallway and into the band room, sat in our seats and waited. I was freaking out because he doesn't really call me. "Hello?" "Hey" "What's up?" "You said that your board so I'm calling to make you not board." "Awe, you the best." "I know I am." "Well I'm going to outside to the game so it might get loud." "Oh, well I don't care." "Okay." I walk back to the stadium and found my friends Colin and I didn't really talk but it was nice to know that he was right there but not. If I wanted to tell him something I could and wouldn't have to worry. It was hard to understand what he was say to I texted him to text me instead because my friends didn't like how I was talk to him so much. But I don't really care because I get to see him! ***SORRY GUYS! I HAVE BEEN BUSY WITH SCHOOL STARTING AND THEN MARCHING BAND. THEN MY PERSONAL LAPTOP BROKE BUT MY SCHOOL LAPTOP HAS A LOT OF SITES BLOCK BUT NOT THIS ONE WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY! ANYWAY KEEP READING AND LIKING AND COMMENTING! THANKS!!!!***
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