First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


10. After the Mall date

The whole ride to Harry friends house was long. All I did was replay the date. I was happy that Colin bought me a dress but I already had one for my homecoming. I really can't wait now.

When we got to Harry's friend's house, his brother open the door.

"Oh, hey Olivia. Looking for Harry." said Jordan.

"Yeah, busy night, tonight." I replied.

"Oh, I'll go get him but I have a quick question."

"Okay," I was so confused, "what is it?"

"Um, I was wondering...if you go to.....homecoming with me?" WHAT?!?! I was speak less because I have a boyfriend.

"Um, you know that I have a boyfriend?"

"Wait, since when did you get a boyfriend?"

"Since three weeks ago."

"But what was before school started and everyone told me that you were single and even your Facebook says you are." He was really mad that I said no.

"Yeah we started dating before school and not a lot of people know about us. Sorry I haven't change my Facebook stats. I coming from a date that we had. I'm sorry but I am inviting him."

"Oh okay well I will ask someone else."

"Okay and find someone good and treat them good too. Okay?"

"Yeah I will, Harry your sister is here."

"Coming!" Yelled Harry.

"Well I will see you later." I said to Jordan.

"Yeah I will."

Harry and I walked to the car and even before we got in he kept asking how my date went. I answered all of them. Then I ask about him "Play date" and he had lots of fun. I was happy for him because he doesn't really get out there much. We drove into the driveway and both of my brothers were out of the car before the engine turn off. 

"What's the big hurry?''

"Who knows with your brothers." my mom said.

"True." I laughed.

I went inside and went straight and got ready for tonight. Racing tonight, it's big in our family and family friends. We go almost every Saturday night and have a great time. I opened my laptop and nothing from Colin. I checked my Facebook and debating if I should changed it or not, not all my family knows. I was scared that they will pick on me because I have a boyfriend. I will wait until I have a picture of us, because I know they will want to see him. I got ready and still nothing from Colin. I wanted to text him but I didn't want to bug him. I got ready and went downstairs for dinner. By then my dad came home, and of course he ask about how my first date went and how he treated me. After dinner we got into the car and drove to Beaver Dam. 

<Text from Colin <3: Hey babe wanna skype?

<Text to Colin <3: Sorry I just left the house. Going to Beaver Dam raceway.

<Text from Colin<3: Why r u going there?

<Text to Colin <3: Family friends race and we cheer them on

<Text from Colin <3: That's cool

<Text to Colin <3: Yeah I'll let you come with me some time.

<Text from Colin <3: That would be cool

<Text to Colin <3: Well I'm have to go cuz I get really bad serves but I will try and text u as much as I can

<Text from Colin <3: Okay babe. Call if anything bad happens

<Text to Colin <3: Okay

I sent that text in time because after that I didn't get anything after that. We got into the parking lot and park next to our friends. I love their licenses place because they have all the numbers on it. When we walked in there was a group of guys who were staring at me and talking about me. It was the first time that has ever happen to me. We found out friends and we chatted for a bit before the racing started. I didn't realized that the boys were sitting in front of me until the races started. I asked my dad to go back to the car to get a blanket because I was cold. It wasn't long until I notice the boys were following me. As so as I got serve, I called Colin. I didn't know what to do.

"" Colin said.

"Sorry I can't hear you."

"Can you hear me now?"

"Yeah much better."

"What's up? Why are you calling me when you just got there."

"There are three boys following me everywhere and I'm scared." I whispered.

"Get the hell out of that place."

"I can't, they will follow me."

"Oh my god, Olivia please be safe and skype me as soon was you get home."

"Okay I will."

"Put your phone by your side but don't hang up."

"Okay bye." I did what Colin said and walked to the car to the back side.

"When why would a pretty girl like you be doing out here by yourself?" ask the tall one.

I didn't asked but opened the back door and grab the blanket and closed it quick. But they had me surrounded. I couldn't move, scream or nothing. By now my phone was in my back pocket with Colin still on the line.

"I'm going to ask again, why are you here alone?"

"I will tell you if you let me go."

"Do what the lady wants." the other two let go but I was smart even to get away. I was so glad that I did the extra running training for softball to make you run fast quicker. I got away just in time so other people could see me.

"Are you still there?" I asked Colin.

"Yes baby, I am still here. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I am fine. I will skype you later I promise."

"Olivia," pause, "I love you." I was so happy at that moment because that was the first Iloveyou to each other.

"I love you too."

I told my parents everything and my mom thought we should go home. Harry and Liam had me on watch. My dad stayed while the rest of us left.

When we got home I went straight up stairs and got into my laptop. I know that I should eat something but Colin was on my mind and I needed to talk to him.

<Text to Colin <3: Get online. I'm home

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