Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


14. Twitter Pictures

Megan's POV



“Can you grab that box for me babe?” I call out to Niall, as I set things into place. We just went out and bought an apartment. Niall asked me to move in with him and of course I said ‘yes’.


“Sure thing love!” Niall walks in carrying a box full of my clothes that didn’t burn in the fire. I shudder thinking about that night. As it turns out I forgot to turn off the stove after cooking dinner for Niall. Yeah… Happy Anniversary! Note the sarcasm.




Niall’s lips bring me back to reality. He’s placing little kisses on my neck; trailing them along my jawline. I moan quietly and he chuckles darkly. He knows my weaknesses.



“Niall, we have to get these boxes unpacked for tonight. The boys are coming over for dinner.” I say much to my dismay. I didn’t want him to stop but the boys were coming for dinner; a welcoming party by the sounds of things.


Niall mumbles something under his breath; something along the lines of ‘They can come another night’


I giggle and slip out of his arms. He gives me the adorable little pout he uses to get what he wants but I just kiss his cheek and continue to unpack the boxes.



When the boys show up we finally had unpacked. Harry was presently telling this story about the time the boys first met.


“We were all just standing there in a circle; quite awkward actually. Until Niall spoke up saying that we should all dress like Louis because he had the most style.” Harry says laughing.


“I remember that!” Liam says with a cheery smile.


I glance over at Niall who is blushing slightly.


“I think that’s adorable” I whisper to him, making him blush even more.


“Niall’s turned to a tomato!” Louis shrieks.


All the boys whip their heads around to see Niall; cheeks flushed red and eyes darting to the ground.


“Megan! What did you say to him to make him that red?!” All the attention was on me now, as the boys await my answer.


“I just told him that I thought the story was adorable.” I look at Niall who smiles warmly at me.

A chorus of ‘awes’ are heard as Niall gives me a quick peck on the cheek.




After dinner, we all gather to the couches in the living room. I slip a DVD into the player, and cuddle into Niall’s side. He wraps a gentle arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I can’t help but snuggle into him; he’s so warm and welcoming. He chuckles at my actions and gives me a slight squeeze. I can hear Harry fake gagging from beside me. I giggle and give Niall a peck on the lips. Harry full on fake barfs now. We all laugh. When we finish our little laugh attacks, we watch the movie.



Niall’s POV



The movie ended and I glance around the room. Harry is asleep on the opposite side of the couch; Liam is curled up in the armchair, Zayn and Louis asleep on the floor; holding onto each other. That’s cute… I look down at Megan and see her peacefully sleeping. I decide to just let her sleep here, in my arms.






A flash goes off. I’m still half asleep.


“Shhhh! They’ll wake up” I can hear Zayn whisper.


Another flash goes off. The giggles continue. Alright, time to get up. I start to stir, getting up.


“Act natural! He’s getting up!” I can hear them scatter themselves around the room; acting as if nothing happened. My eyes open slowly and I rub them with the back of my hand. Yawning I say,


“Good morning lads” my voice is still groggy and rough from the sleep. They all exchange ‘morning’ and ‘hey’ to me.


I make my way to the kitchen to fetch myself some breakfast. I grab a glass and fill it half way with orange juice. I drink it quickly and stuff half a muffin into my mouth; chewing contently.


I walk back into the living room and see all the boys staring at Megan. I tap Louis’ shoulder questioningly he just pulls out his phone and hands it to me; twitter is open.



‘@Louis_Tomlinson: are @NiallOfficial and @Megann_ not the most adorablest couple in the world?’


I press the link and see a picture of Megan and I asleep on the couch; her wrapped up in my embrace. She’s got her arm placed on my chest and my arm is wrapped around her waist; holding her to me. My face is slightly nuzzled into her neck. I smile at the picture.


“YOU TOOK A PICTURE OF ME WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!” Megan screams from her spot on the couch. Now I see why the lads were watching her so intensely; to see her reaction. The boys and I burst into a fit of laughter as Megan giggles slightly.


“You guys were too adorable to pass up the photo opt.”


“I guess it is a pretty cute picture” Megan says with a smile.


I go onto my twitter and save the picture to my phone. I retweet the picture and set it as my background of my phone. I quite like it actually.

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