Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


17. That Time Of Year

Megan’s POV


I’m woken up when bird’s sweet melodies fill my ears.




I groan and reach out for Niall. My heart drops a little when I’m met with the cold sheets. I open my eyes and peer around the room in search for Niall. I give up and get up. I slip my fuzzy slippers on and make my way to the kitchen for some tea.


When I get to the bottom of the stairs I see Breanna on the balcony reading a book. Our balcony has a glass section and an open section. Bre was of course in the glass section, so she wouldn’t freeze.


I make two cups of tea and bring one out to her.


“Mmm… thanks” she says with a warm smile. She blows on her tea and sips it gently. I do the same. We sit there in silence; taking in the beauty of the sunrise.


“Nice isn’t it?” she says, breaking the silence.




Just then the front door opens, Niall must be home. I turn around to see him waving at me; a stupid grin on his face. I can’t help but laugh at his silliness. I excuse myself from Breanna’s company and walk up to Niall.


“Morning baby” I say while giving him a kiss on the lips. "You must have been up early."


“Good morning Princess” he says with a smile and a nod. He picks me up and twirls me around.


“So, there is currently two weeks ‘til Christmas. What would you like? Hmmm?” Niall asks me. I just shrug,


“As long as I’m with you, I have everything I want or need.” He smiles and kisses my nose.


“So, I can get you anything at all?” he questions.


“NO! It can’t be too expensive. I would hate it if you wasted a lot of money on me.” I say looking into his captivating eyes. They basically glow.


“If I’m spending money on my Princess, it’s not wasted.” He says with yet another kiss to my nose; I scrunch up my nose causing him to chuckle.


“You look cute with your nose all scrunched up like that.” He says tapping my nose; making me scrunch it up again. This makes him laugh and me giggle.


“Anyway, I was planning on taking you out to shop for everyone else? How’s that sound?” he asks me look straight into my eyes.


“It sounds perfect. Just let me go get ready.”


“We’ll leave in about an hour?”


“Perfect” I respond kissing his cheek. He slaps my bum as I turn up the stairs, making me shriek with laughter.



After I get ready, I dress in my black leggings and pull a big cozy sweater over my head. I add a natural amount of makeup and head down the stairs, where Niall is waiting patiently.


“I’m just going to tell Bre.” I tell Niall while making my way over to the double sliding glass door. I open it and see her texting Harry. Point Megan! I clear my throat and she whips her head around and locks her phone. I act like I saw nothing.


“Niall and I are going to do some Christmas shopping. Feel free to do whatever you’d like. Eleanor said she may stop by to pick up something from my room. I think it’s a present for Lou. If you could just let her in and tell her it’s in my closet?” I ask with my little puppy dog face.


“Yes, that’s fine. Go have fun with Niall.”


“Thank you love” I walk through the door and just as I’m about to shut it,


“Oh and Megan?”




“My shoe size is a 7 ½!” she says with a cheeky smile. I laugh along with her.


“Good-bye Breanna!” I say still laughing.



The snow swirls around our heads as we walk; Niall and I. It tumbles down and covers the ground in a cold, white blanket. I see Niall trying to catch some flakes in his mouth but can’t. I stifle a laugh at his expression. He turns to me, tongue still out; causing me to laugh harder. He laughs along with me until we reach the car. He opens my door for me and runs to his side of the car, climbing in. He starts the engine and pulls out of the parking spot.


When we arrive at the mall we head straight for Forever 21. I wanted to get the girls all outfits.











When we were in the car Niall told me he wanted to buy everyone a trip; a trip to someplace tropical. He wouldn’t tell me where though because we were going too, and he didn’t want to ruin the surprise for me. So I found the girls some tropical outfits and paid for them; refusing to let Niall pay.


We went around and bought the boys something more too. Liam gets a little basket full of batman merchandise; like a batman mug, Snuggie and t-shirt.


Louis is getting the same but Superman, plus some carrots as a joke.


Zayn, we bought him a stuffed lion because Niall said that’s his favourite animal, we also got him a personalized mug that said different phrases like ‘DJ Malik’ and ‘Bradford Bad Boi’ on it.


Finally for Harry we got him a shirt with cats all over it and a paper airplane necklace; considering he broke his last one.



When we were satisfied with what we bought for everyone else, we headed home. We wrapped the presents quickly and hide them in our room.


After some lunch, Niall went out with the boys to get the tree to place in our living room; since our flat was the biggest of all of the boys, we were having Christmas here. The boys come crashing through the door with this giant and beautiful tree. I gasp and help them set it up.


When the tree is finally standing, we all help decorate; little Christmas ornaments hanging off the limbs of the tree and shooting colourful shimmers of light everywhere.


I smile as I look around at everyone; Louis and Eleanor in matching Christmas sweaters; Liam is dancing around the tree with Dani; Harry and Bre seem to be laughing about some joke Harry told; and then there’s Zayn holding Perrie in the air above his head so she could put the angel on the tree.




Niall’s POV


I watch as Megan assesses what going on around her; watching everyone together. It’s nice really. I walk up and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling a sigh out of her mouth. I kiss her exposed shoulder. She was wearing a big sweater that hung off her one shoulder. She giggled as I kissed it over and over. I picked her up in my arms and plopped her down on the couch; the others following behind me.


I put a Christmas movie in the machine and pressed play. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy. Giggling and whispering to each other. I look over and see Harry with Bre tucked into his side.


Good job Harry.


He sees me looking and blushes; quickly looking away and back again. I wink at him and he chuckles, getting a look from everyone in the room. He just pulls Bre in closer and acts as if nothing happened.

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