Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


22. Perfect

Megan’s POV


My alarm is silently blaring at me; telling me to get up. I roll onto my side and look at the time. 5:40. I groan inwardly and flop back onto my back; not wanting to get out of the warmth. I turn to Niall, giving him a gentle kiss on his forehead; careful not to wake him, and slip the warm barricade off of me. I sit on the side of the bed and yawn; rubbing my eyes. I push myself off the bed and pad into the bathroom; the cool tiles sending sparks up my legs. I start the shower and strip down.


After washing myself and my hair, I step out of the shower and wrap my naked body in the fuzzy towel; creating a barrier from the cold, morning air. I remove the excess make-up that washed off in the shower and is now staining my cheeks.


I step out into the bedroom and smile at Niall, who is still snoring happily. I hug the towel around my body as I make my way to the closet. Once inside I drop my towel and pull on my undergarments. Then I pick out a wool sweater and leggings to match. I place my watch and final jewelry on my wrists, and the necklace Niall had given me around my neck. When happy with the way I looked, I stepped out of the closet and opened our bedroom door.


I carefully walked down the hallway trying not to wake anyone. It now being 6:15, it was much too early for anyone to be awake.


My feet padded lightly against the tile floor of the kitchen as I made my way over to the fridge. I pull out the contents I needed and started. I find the flour and place it on the counter as well. I pull out the eggs and crack them into a bowl too. After I mix the batter, I placed it in the already hot oven. I set the timer and clean the counter-tops while the cake cooks.


I wanted to make Louis’ birthday perfect. We weren’t really close or anything but I love him and he deserves this. Thinking of Louis I’m reminded of his present. I quickly, yet quietly, jog over to the spare closet and pull out his birthday present. It’s a gift card for the mall; allowing him to use it in any store of his preference. It has a thousand dollars on it so I know he’ll be able to buy anything he wants with it. I tuck the gift card into the birthday card I bought, signed the card, and placed everything into the envelope; writing his name on the outside.


I hear the timer go off signaling that the cake had finished cooking. I take it out and place it on the counter to cool off. I then bring out the items needed to makes Louis’ breakfast; two eggs, two strips of bacon, one piece of French toast with whipped cream on top, and a bowl of berries on the side. He likes to use the berries to decorate his French toast.


To time it correctly, I start by cutting the berries; strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I put all the chopped berries into a little bowl and pour some orange juice over top of them to insure that they don’t dry up.


I glace at the clock and see that I have two hours remaining before the other boys wake up and devour Louis’ breakfast. I take the bowl of berries and put them in the fridge to keep them cool. I take out the whipping cream and begin to whip it. When it starts to peak, I stop, cover it with plastic wrap and place it also in the fridge.


Figuring now the cake was cool enough to ice, I ice it. Louis likes plain vanilla cake, so that’s exactly what I made; a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. After it’s fully iced, I take blue decoration icing and write ‘Happy Birthday Louis!’ on it.


I check over my shoulder at the clock again. 7:13. I have a little less than one hour to finish Louis’ breakfast. I quickly make the bacon and the dip for the French toast. I dip the French toast and start to fry it in the pan. Once I have the piece done and cooked, I put my focus onto the bacon. I fry up more than Louis’ pieces because I know the boys will want some too. When the bacon is done I put them to the side so I can cook the eggs.


I crack two eggs into the pan and start to cook them. Louis likes his eggs fully cooked; no runny yolks. So after I’m positive that the eggs are up to Louis’ par, I take them and slid them onto a plate; making a smiley face with the bacon as well.


I grab another plate and place one piece of French toast onto it and dollop whipped cream on top; piling it up. I then reach into the fridge, grab the berries, and place them on the tray; which I had to dig through the cupboards to find. I place the other two plates onto the tray as well and pour Louis’ a glass of orange juice; knowing well enough he would love it.


I carefully carry the tray up the stairs and into Louis’ room; not before I took a picture of it of course. I knock lightly on the door and open it. When it creaks open, a light is cast over the room, making Louis sit up in his bed; yawning and rubbing his eyes.


“Happy birthday” I say gently. Louis immediately perks right up and smiles hugely.


“Thank you” he says still smiling big. I walk over to him and place the tray down on his lap. “What’s this?” he asks in disbelief.


“Well, it’s French toast with whipped cream, fruit, orange juice, bacon, and eggs, just the way you like them.” I say with a smile. Louis reaches up quickly and pulls you into a big bear hug.


“This is amazing Megan, thank-you. Really. It’s lovely.” His eyes are all lit up like a child on Christmas.


“Well, I’ll leave you to it than. I should really clean the flat up. If you need anything else just call.” I say with a smile and turn to the door.


I gently close Louis’ door and make my way back down to the kitchen.


After putting the cake somewhere secret, I cleaned the rest of the kitchen and washed the rest of my dishes. By the time I had finished, the boys were awake and making their way down the stairs.


“Good morning everybody” I say cheerfully. They all look at me confused; fully clothed and bathed.


“Why are you so chipper and early this morning?” Harry asks rubbing his face with his hands. I just shrug and tell them I had some stuff to do. They nod, although they don’t seem to understanding. Niall stand there, arms crossed, looking at me.


“What?” I ask. He slowly stalks towards me and he just stares again at me. I shift uncomfortably.


“What were you doing up so early in the morning?” he asks without breaking the stare. I look him dead in the eyes and tell him the truth.


“I made Louis breakfast.”


“Why were you making Louis breakfast, might I ask?” he asks with a hint of anger in his voice.


I hum annoyingly, “Maybe it’s because I knew that today was his birthday and I wanted to do something special for him?” I ask angrily. Niall’s face immediately softens.


“Oh my god. I completely forgot Louis’ birthday. I’m such a shithead. Dammit” he continues to mumble under his breath.


“Don’t worry, I have everything planned. You guys were meant to forget. I knew you boys would, so I planned a little party for him tonight. I made the cake and everything. I just need you and the boys to keep Louis occupied for the day. Alright?” I try soothing Niall by rubbing his arm gently and softly. He looks up from the ground and smiles at me.


“You are absolutely perfect, you know that?” he says still smiling.


“I’m not really, I just thought ahead.” You say shrugging it off. “Now go tell the boys what I just told you. And you HAVE to make sure you keep Louis thinking you boys forgot his birthday, okay?” I say with worry; worry that one of them will spill everything.


“Sure love. Anything for you.” He says. He kisses my nose and turns on his heel; walking towards the living room to tell the boys.


I smile to myself and continue with cleaning the kitchen.




The boys were due back any moment now and the flat was completely decked out. I had called a catering service and they brought all sorts of food. I called a DJ and he set up in the corner. It being Christmas Eve, he couldn’t stay long; he had to spend time with his family as well of course. I had decorated the whole flat in twinkling Christmas lights and I had everybody come. Well Niall had to call some people; Ed Sheeran, 5SOS, and Little Mix. I called family and closer friends. We all hid and waited for Louis to come home with the boys. El, Dani, Perrie and I all sat on the couch and tried to look casual, while all the other hid.


When we heard Niall’s laughter from down the corridor, everyone in the apartment silenced; nothing could be heard. We all sat in anticipation. When the door final opened and Louis walked in everyone jumped up.


“SURPRISE!” everyone screamed. Louis jumped back and held his chest; he was breathing heavily. When he looked around the room and saw all the decorations and all the people who came for him, he started to tear up.


“Awe! Louis!” you run up to him and wrap your arms around him. The boys, El, Dani, and Perrie join in and Louis sniffles.


“I love you all so much. Thank-you. I thought you guys forgot.” Louis says with happy tears running down his face.


“Forget your birthday? Come on BooBear, I would NEVER forget.” Harry says with a smile.


“Yeah mate, we love you too much to forget something like this.” Zayn says with a pat to Louis’ shoulder.


“Well, are we going to stand here and sob or are we going to have fun?” I ask jokingly. Everyone cheers and we disperse among the crowd; Louis greeting guests; Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and Dani danicing to the music; Harry talking with Ed and Aston; and Niall holding his hand out for me to take.


“Would you like to dance m’lady?” he asks with a smile. My lips curl into a smile as well and I take his hand gingerly. He pulls me in towards his body and places a gentle hand on my lower back. I put my hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand. We sway to the music and I lean my head on his shoulder. He starts to hum the song in my ear.




Once everyone left to go home to their families, all of us -the boys, El, Dani, Bre, Perrie, and I- settled into the couch; all of us curled into our boyfriends. Oh that’s right! Harry asked Bre to be his girlfriend when they were slow dancing at the party. It was adorable really.




No One’s POV



The movie played and everyone sighed in content.


Harry being content about winning over the beautiful girl.


Bre being content about having a gorgeous boy holding her.


Dani being content about being with Liam and vice versa. Same goes for Perrie, El, and Zayn.


Louis being content about his wonderful friends that threw him the best birthday party ever.


Megan being content about finally finding a place to call home.


And Niall being content about his surprise for Megan; one everyone knows about but her.




Megan’s POV



As the movie played on, my eyelids got heavier; I could hardly keep them open. I stand-up and wish everyone a goodnight; giving hugs and pecks on the cheek. Niall stands and bids his goodnights as well, telling me he’ll join me up stairs. We walk upstairs hand-in-hand. We reach the bed and Niall strips down into just his boxers, which have little Santa’s all over them. I strip down into my bra and underwear and throw one of Niall’s shirts on over top.


I climb into the bed and pull the blankets up to my face and nuzzle myself in; trying to get warmer. Niall notices and pulls my waist from behind; pulls my cold, shivering body in towards his. His body heat radiates off of him and seeps through my bones, warming me entirely. I hum in affection and Niall gives me a gentle squeeze.


Before I fall into a deep slumber my mind is carried back a few days when everyone was gone, and I was alone in the house. I still have yet to figure out where everyone went to.


Before he falls asleep, I turn to face Niall. His eyes open questioningly.


“Is everything okay love?” he asks sweetly; truly concerned.


I sigh and bite my lip. “Everything’s fine, I’m just wondering though,” I look up into his eyes and he nods, encouraging me to continue. “That night, a few days passed. Everyone was gone and I was alone. Where were all you?” I ask fearing the answer he may give.


“I was out shopping for Christmas presents, Harry and Bre were on a date along with Louis and El. Liam and Dani were visiting her parents and Zayn was out at a party with Perrie.” He says nonchalantly.


I nod in understadment. “Yeah, okay. Sorry. I was just curious.”


“No need to be sorry love.” He says with a smile. “Now go to sleep, you look absolutely drained.” He kisses my nose and I scrunch it up. He chuckles lightly and whispers, “I love you.”


I look up at his eyes and whisper back to him. “I love you too.”


Niall pulls me into his chest and kisses the top of my head. I fall asleep there, completely wrapped up in the moment; Niall’s arms around my, the snow falling outside our bedroom window, the twinkling lights strung about our bedroom. Everything seems so,


P E R F E C T.

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