Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


24. Paris

Megan’s POV


“Megan” Niall coos in my ear. I groan and pull the comforter over my face. Niall chuckles and moves closer to me. “Megan” he repeats.


“What?” I mumble into the pillow.


“Can you look at me? I want to see your beautiful eyes? Please baby?” I turn and look at Niall. He’s lying there with a blanket on covering below the waist. I blush remembering back on last night with him. It was the first time we did anything like that.


I can still feel Niall’s soft lips trailing kisses down my neck to my stomach. I can still feel how he held onto my hips while sliding in and out of me. I can feel the way he caressed my face when he was kissing me. Last night was fresh in my mind. I remember all of it. And in all honesty, it was amazing. I’ve never had someone make me feel so special before.


I’m brought back to reality when I feel Niall staring at me. I look down and realize that I’m naked so I quickly pull the blankets up and over my head. I feel my cheeks flush again. That was so embarrassing.


I feel Niall shift towards me and tug the blanket down.


“Megan, I saw every inch of your body last night. Why are you covering it up? It’s beautiful.” Niall says looking deep into my eyes.


“That was different. The lights were off and it was dark. You could see the flaws.” I counter. It’s true. It was so dark I could hardly make out Niall’s facial features.


“Your flaws are half of your beauty Megan. I love your flaws. They make you who you are.” Niall reaches out and pulls the blanket down to reveal my scar on my collar bone. He leans in and kisses it tenderly. “I love you and your flaws”


“I love you too Niall”




Days have passed now and everyone is dragging our suitcases out the door. Everyone is bubbling with excitement about our trip. I’m super excited as well.


Niall reaches down, takes the hand not dragging my bag and holds it; smiling at me while doing so. I smile right back up at him. We put our bags in the back of the van and take off for the airport. We had two vans; one for our luggage and one for us.


When we pull up and park at the airport, we all gather our belongings and head off towards the entrance; security leading us of course. Paul pushes people to the side and ushers us into the airport. He leads us to our gate and he gets us on the plane. After saying his goodbyes and tells the boys to be careful, he leaves. Other people board the plane and the door closes. ‘Here we go’ I think to myself. I lean into Niall and he places an arm around my waist; tugging me closer. He kisses the top of my head and I close my eyes.


Niall shakes me awake and tells me we’ve landed. I look around and see we’re the only ones left on the plane. I stand up and walk off the plane. Niall gets off after me and he entangles our hands together.


“Welcome to the ‘City of Love’” he whispers huskily in my ear. I look at him and he winks; fully knowing he’s turning me on. I laugh and push his arm playfully and he laughs along with me.


Together we walk out of the airport and into the city of Paris. It’s so beautiful here.


“Just like you” Niall says. Did I say that out loud?


“Yeah love, you did.” Niall replies laughing. I shake my head in embarrassment. Twice in a row I spoke my thoughts; great.


“It’s alright love” Niall says in a comforting tone. “I thought it was adorable”


I give Niall a quick peck on the lips and he smiles, engulfing my hand in his once again.


We hail a taxi, or five, and all of us jump in; Niall and I in one and all the other couples in their own.


When we arrive at the hotel Niall goes to check us in and the rest of us sit and talk about what we should do. Niall comes back with five room keys; one per couple. He booked us all suits and he handed out the keys. Everyone thanks Niall once more before climbing into the elevator.


Niall slips the key into the door and opens it with ease.


“Welcome to Casa De Horan” I giggle and step inside. I gasp at the sight.


“Niall.” I breath “This is beautiful” Niall walks up and wraps his arms around my waist; swaying ever so slightly.


“So, I was thinking” I hum telling him to go on. “That tonight” He spins me around to look at him. “You and I, could maybe go out? Just the two of us?” I nod my head.


“Sounds great” I say with a smile. “But I need to know what to wear.”


“Let’s say a dress; nothing too fancy though.” I nod my head saying I understand.


“Well, I’m going to need to go and find one then, won’t I?” Niall grins and kisses my nose.


“Just don’t be long” he winks. I laugh and make my way down to Harry’s room; knowing that’s where Bre will be. Harry opens the door and smiles.


“Megan, hey!”  I smile.


“Is Breanna around?” he nods and goes to fetch her. I take in their room; it’s not as big as mine and Niall’s. Cheeky bastard. Bre bounds around the corner and hugs me.


"Isn’t this lovely?” she shrills. I laugh at her giddiness.


“Yes it is. But that’s not why I’m here. Niall said he was taking me out tonight but I need to buy a dress; do you want to come with me?” I ask. Bre breaks into a huge smile and then she calms herself down a bit.


“Yes! I’d love to. We should call the other girls and all go together.” I nod in agreement and call the girls.


After they all hang up I turn to Breanna. “They’re on their way down to the lobby. Let’s go.” Breanna jumps up and down.


“Why are you so excited?” I ask looking at her while she jumps and prances down the hall; she looked like that of a deranged reindeer.


“Nothing” she sing-songs.


I groan knowing well that this would be one hell of a shopping trip.


We pull up at the mall and we all split the fare for the cab driver. The five of us walk happily into the mall.


“So Megan, what exactly are you looking for?” Perrie asks.


“Well Niall said to wear a dress, but nothing too fancy.” The girls nod their heads and they start to talk about where to go. After settling on where to go, I’m dragged through tens of stores. And on our final store I find it; the perfect dress. It was sleeve-less and has a sweetheart neckline; floral print. I search for my size and find it. The girls rush me into a change room and I slip on the dress; twirling around in it for a minute or so before showing the girls. The all gasp and nod frantically.


“You have to buy it Megan! IT’s absolutely gorgeous on you!” El gushes while turning me to examine it.


I return to the change room, strip off the dress, and put my other clothes on. I buy the dress and the girls are fantasizing about my hair and makeup.


“I could do your makeup if you’d like?” Perrie suggests.


“I’d love that” I say with a warm smile.


“Dani and I could do your hair!” El exclaims.


“I’m great with accessorizing!” Bre jumps in. I can’t help but laugh. This will be fun.




“El get your butt out of here! I need to do her makeup!” Perrie screams at El. El laughs and flips Perrie off lovingly. I can’t help but giggle at this. “Done!” Perrie exclaims happily.


“Almost done with her hair” Dani informs us.


“And I’ve got everything planned out for her outfit” Bre chirps.


“Hey El, where’s Louis?” I quiz.


“Oh he’s with the other boys; helping Niall get ready” She explains. I nod my head, understanding.


After Dani and El finish my hair Bre ushers me into the closet to get dressed. Once I’m done I open the door to see the girls all sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. I step out and they all wolf-whistle.


“Damn Megs!”


“Girl you fine” Perrie jokes.


I laugh along with them and twirl around. The outfit really suited me and I think Niall will like it.




“Gentlemen, I present to you Megan” Bre announces from the end of the hallway. I step out from the bed room and everyone’s eyes are on me. But one pair seems more loving. I look up and see Niall standing there in a blazer over a white shirt, and black skinny jeans. He looked hot.


Niall walked up to me. “Hi” I say quietly.


“Hi” he says right back. “You look beautiful”


I blush and look down. Niall lifts my chin and my eyes meet his. There seems to be more in his eyes tonight; lust, love, and nervousness? Niall leans in and gingerly places a soft kiss on my lips. Not lasting too long due to the others in the room. He takes my hand and leads me out of the suit.


“Be safe!” Louis yells after us.




We pull up to the Eiffel Tower and opens my door for me.


“Why, thank you kind Sir.” I say and bow; making Niall laugh.


“Anytime, m’lady.” He chuckles.


Niall laced our fingers together and pulled me up to the top of the tower. It was empty.


“I had it cleared out for us” Niall says; his eyes twinkling. I smile at him and walk to the edge and look out over the city. It was beautiful; all lit up. Niall comes from behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.


“You look absolutely gorgeous tonight. You know that?” he quizzes. I blush, although I doubt he could see it, but still I advert my eyes to the ground.


“Why do you do that?” Niall asks softly.


“Do what?” I ask him.


“Look at the ground when someone compliments you”


“I’m not sure why I do it, I just do” I say to him.


“Well you shouldn’t. I like to see your eyes.” I blush again but this time I keep my head at level with his.


After a few moments passed of silence, Niall broke it.


“Megan, I love you with my entire being and one day I promise to make you love yourself as much as I do.” He takes a shaky breath and continues. “When I first saw you, I knew you were different; you were special. I knew I wanted to be with you. So, Megan” Niall gets down on one knee and I freeze; my eyes wide with shock; my jaw slack.


“Will you do me the honour of becoming my other half, my best friend, and my wife? Will you Megan Fisher marry me?” At this time I had tears streaming down my face. I nod my head frantically; not able to speak. I crash my lips onto Niall’s and he picks me up and spins me around.


He places me on the ground and slides the ring onto my fourth finger. I look down at it and admire it for a moment before looking back up at him. He has a huge smile plastered on his face and his eyes are twinkling with delight.


“I love you Megan, with all my heart” He says with tears in his eyes. I wipe them away with my thumb and kiss him gently.


“I love you too Niall, more than you’ll ever know”


With that, Niall picked me up and carried me back to the taxi. He sat me down and pulled me towards him.


“How does a Paris wedding sound to you?” Niall asks sweetly. My eyes grow in shock and I jump on him; kissing everywhere on his face.


“Whoa! I’ll take that as a yes than?” Niall asks while chuckling. I nod my head and kiss his lips again.


“A Paris wedding” Niall says dreamily. He pulls me in closer to his side and kisses the top of my head.


I close my eyes and let my mind wander over everything Niall and I have done together.


Megan Leigh Horan.

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