Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


2. Niall James Horan

Megan's POV


I wake up to sun shining in my eyes. My eye lids flutter open and I don't recognize my surroundings. I start to feel a bit panicky. WHERE AM I? Just then there's a light knock on the door. It creaks open and curly hair pops its way through the opening. Harry. Last night's memories flood back to me, and I sigh in relief. Glad I didn't hook up with anyone weird or creepy.


"Good Morning love." he says with his raspy morning voice.


"Morning" I say with a smile. I must look horrible. My hair is shooting out in all sorts of directions. I look down to see that I'm not wearing my own clothing.


"Uhmm, Harry?"




"What am I wearing?"


"Oh, that yes. Well, you passed out in my car. I tried my best to wake you but, no such luck. You sleep like a rock." He chuckles slightly.


"So I carried you in and placed you in my bed. I would've given you the guest room but Niall had already took it. Sorry, I needed to change you, you wouldn't sleep well in those" he points to the neatly folded clothes at the foot of my bed. "So I changed you. I left your bra and panties on. I felt it would be a violation of your personal space if I had taken them off." He explains. I nod my head, understanding.


"I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was such a burden. I must have been heavy to carry." I say glancing down at the floor. Keeping away any eye contact with him.


"As if Megan! You are as light as a feather. Plus I'm a tank so...” he replies with a cheeky grin. I laugh at his joke. He sits at the end of my bed.


"Would you like some breakfast? I made bacon; Niall is making the eggs now." I feel myself smile at the thought of food. I was starving. As if on cue, my stomach made a symphony of dying whale noises. Harry laughs and pulls the covers off me and throws me over his shoulder.


"HARRY!" I scream.


"MEGAN!" He mimics.


"PUT ME DOWN!" I can hear the Niall laughing from the kitchen.


"If you say so...” Harry then throws me down on the couch. I topple off and land with a thud on the floor.


"Ow...” I mumble as I get up. Harry's face is flushed from laughing, along with Niall's face too. I grab a seat at the table beside Niall.


"I heard laughter and smelt the bacon from downstairs. You didn't give me a call?" Louis pouts while walking in and sits down next to me.


"Sorry mate. Didn't know if you'd still be hung-over or not." Harry says with a smile. Louis playfully pushes his arm. Niall smiles and hands me a plate of food.


"He must like you if he's sharing his food with you. He made that plate for himself." Louis jokes. I glance towards Niall, he's blushing slightly.


"Thank-you Niall. It was very gracious of you." I say to him. He just blushes more and hides his face. Harry and Louis holler and laugh. I can't help but giggle along. Soon enough we're all bursting into fits of laughter.


After breakfast, I start to clear everyone's plates and place them gently in the sink, before adding soap. Louis left to call Eleanor, his girlfriend, and Harry left to get ready for the day.   I'm in the middle of doing the dishes when Niall walks in.


"What are you doing? You're the guest. You aren't supposed to be doing the dishes!" I laugh.


"Well, I felt bad for basically crashing your guys night out, and for staying the night. Not to mention about the lovely breakfast that was made. I felt I needed to." He laughs and wraps his arms around me, picking me up. I feel safe wrapped in his arms. I feel as if he could keep me safe. He drags me to the couch and plops me down. He turns to me, looking into my eyes. I bite my lip nervously and look down.


"Megan, tell me about you?" I nod slightly, "Sure. Well, my name is Megan Leigh Fisher. I'm Canadian; born and raised. I moved here, to London, when I finished High School. I haven't gotten to college or university yet, because I'm still finding myself, you know?" He nods his head, taking in my words. I continue. "I have a brother, Drake. He was my best friend back home. I Skype him from time to time. He's three years younger than me. I like to play soccer and I can swim fairly well" I spread my arms out as if to say 'Ta-Da!' He just sits there, soaking in all I had just said to him.


After a minute of silence, I chime in again.


"What about you?"


"Well, my name is Niall James Horan. I'm from Mullingar, Ireland. I'm worldly famous. I sing and play the guitar. I have a brother as well, he's older though. His name's Greg." I look at him. Niall James Horan.



Niall's POV


I look at her. Her hair is everywhere, but she still looks so beautiful. I know I shouldn't be falling for her, but it's so hard. She has beautiful bright blue eyes, her smile is perfect and pearly white. She hardly wears any make-up, but still looks completely flawless.


I nod my head, taking in all she said. Megan Leigh Fisher.


After we talk for a bit more, I get a call from Zayn.


"Hey mate, sorry but we are needed at the studio."


"Yeah sure Zayn, I'll tell Harry and we'll be there in an hour."


"Okay, see you then"


"Bye Zayn"


"Bye mate" I look over at Megan. She looks back at me questioningly.


"We're needed back at the studio. Do you think you'll be good here for a while by yourself?" I ask her. She nods her head. She seems a tad disappointed. I see her try to shake it off though.


"Harry!" I call through the house. I walk up to his door and knock. He opens it and smiles.


"Hey Niall! What's up?" His hair is still wet from his shower.


"We're needed at the studio."


"Oh, okay when?" I check my phone for the time.


"Little less than an hour." He nods his head and squeezes by me. I follow him down the stairs and sit back down on the couch. Harry looks over at Megan. I see an idea forming in his head. I can tell by the way his eyes light up.


I get up and walk to the kitchen, and call Harry in. Harry walks in, still smiling like an idiot.


"Okay, spill. What are you thinking about?" I ask in a hushed voice.


"I want Megan to come to the studio with us! So we could hang out with her. The lads can get to know her better." he half screams, half whispers. I smile at the idea.


"Sounds good to me."

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