Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


10. Isn't She Lovely

Niall's POV


When Megan told me her ex was at her flat, I have to admit I was jealous. But when she said he didn't take 'NO' for an answer, I got worried. I hung up and ran to get the lads. We needed to get there. Now.


We jump in the car and drive to Megan's flat. I  press the button for the elevator, and wait. It takes too long so I sprint up the stairs. I hear the boys behind me. I reach her door to see it open. My eyes stretch in fear and that's when I hear it. That's when I hear a scream.


I hear Megan scream.



Megan's POV


I hear the kitchen door open and I quickly make my way to my bathroom. I lock the door, and hide in the tub. I'm so scared. Memories of being with Andrew flood back to me. Him beating me, raping me. I feel tears trickle down my cheeks.


I'm brought back to reality when I hear a loud crack on the door. Andrew.


I shrivel in fear. The door comes down and I scream. Andrew lunges at me and I jump over him. I make my way to the stairs and I can hear Andrew hot on my trail. I feel a set of hands on my back and I scream as I topple down the stairs. I'm in so much pain. I look down at my arm; it's all cut. I then notice the source of my cuts. Andrew has a knife. I scream once more before I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I draw quick breath in and the last thing I see are four figures taking on Andrew, and Niall, my sweet Niall, huddled over me. Then everything goes black.



Niall's POV


When I heard Megan's scream my heart heaved. I run through the door just in time to see Andrew slide a knife out of Megan's stomach. I scream and cry as I run over to Megan. Zayn and Harry are holding Andrew while Louis is punching him in the gut. Liam is on the phone with EMS. I look back down at Megan. Her eyes slip closed.


"MEGAN!" I scream. No! She can't die. I haven't even got to know her or ask her to be my girlfriend yet. I pick her up and sprint down the flight of stairs.


The sirens get louder but I keep running. The hospital isn't far from here.



I sprint through the doors.





By now I'm in hysterics. Everyone in the waiting room is watching me with shocked expressions. Doctors and nurses come rushing to me with a gurney. They place Megan's limp body on it and wheel it through a set of doors. I try to follow but they deny my access. I shuffle back to the waiting room, and slump down into a chair. All I can do now is wait. Wait to see if she lives. No Niall! I mentally scream at myself.


She will live.

She will be fine.

She will survive.

She is strong.

She is courageous.

She has hope.

She will live.

Megan will live.




Megan's POV


My eyes flutter open, all I see is white. Great. I'm dead.




Harry's POV


The police come through the door, guns out. They see that we have Andrew held and they take him from us. They ask us for stories and we do our best to tell them what happened.


While packing up and leaving, they assure us he'll be sent to the jail next thing tomorrow morning. We nod and thank them.


We get in Liam's car and speed to the hospital. We get inside and see Niall asleep in a chair. His eyes are red. He must've been crying. He likes her, a lot. I can see it when he looks at her. I settle in beside Niall and look around.


After about an hour of waiting, I can't sit anymore. I get up and start to walk down a hallway. As I'm walking, something catches my eye. Or should I say someone. I squint to get a better look at her. She's hiding her face. She waves at me. She must be about 4 years old. I walk up to her and kneel down to her level.



"Hello there. My name is Harry."


"I know." she replies with a grin.


"I have your posters on my wall." she points down the hall.


"What's your name sweetheart?" I try to ask as kindly as I can. She grins a toothy grin.


"Katie" She says. Her eyes are like big brown pools of melted chocolate.


"Well Katie. Do you think you could show me your posters?" I ask her. She nods her head vigorously, obviously excited about my presence. She takes my hand in her little one and drags me down the hall, as fast as her little legs can carry her. She stops short and skids into a room. I note that it's in the cancer hall. It breaks my heart to think this poor innocent little girl could be dying of cancer.


She leads me to a poster and sure enough, there I am standing with the lads; all of us smiling. I pull out a sharpie and sign it for her. I look down just in time to see her yawn.


"Tired?" I ask and she nods her little head. Making her brown ringlets bounce. I pick her up and carry her to her bed. I place her down gently and tuck her in. As I get up to leave, I feel her grab my hand. I turn around to see her precious little face.


"Can you sing me to sleep Harry?"



"Of course Katie. Does it have to be one of mine or any song at all?" She tells me I can sing any song I want. A list of songs sweep through my mind but one catches my attention.



"Isn't She Lovely"


Isn't she lovely

Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious

Less than one minute old

I never thought through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn't she lovely made from love


Isn't she pretty

Truly the angel's best

Boy, I'm so happy

We have been heaven blessed

I can't believe what God has done

Through us he's given life to one

But isn't she lovely made from love


Isn't she lovely

Life and love are the same

Life is Aisha

The meaning of her name

Londie, it could have not been done

Without you who conceived the one

That's so very lovely made from love




I finish my song and see her already asleep. I kiss her forehead gently.


"Good night, Katie." I whisper as I quietly shut her door.


I slowly walk back to the waiting room, when I get there the boys are all chattering.


"Hey guys, what's up?" They all stop talking and Niall answers me.


"Megan woke up."


"Let's go see her then." I start to her room. Niall grabs my arm.


"The doctors are running a few tests; we have to wait a while longer." I feel my smile fade a bit, but it still remains. Megan was okay. That's the good thing.


"Anyone here for Megan Fisher?" the doctor comes out. We all stand up, I can't help but laugh at his expression.


"Okay, you may see her now, but only two at a time."


"Harry you and Liam can go now. Zayn and Louis will go after and I'll go last and stay the night with her. Is that all right with everyone?" Niall ask us all. We nod our heads, knowing how he feels about her.


Megan's POV


Okay. So, I'm not exactly dead.



I hear the door open and footsteps come up to me. I open my eyes slightly; Harry and Liam are standing off to my side. I smile weakly at them.


"We thought we lost you Megan. We were all in tears! Never scare us like that again!" Liam says with tears in his eyes.


"I'm sorry I caused so much drama" I look down. Wondering what happened to Andrew.


"So, umm, where's Andrew?"


"He's going to jail, first thing tomorrow morning." Harry assures me. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.


"No one else was hurt because of me, right?" I would die of guilt if anyone else got hurt because of me.


"Niall's an emotional wreck, that's about it though. I mean all of us were torn, but Niall. He was a mess." Harry tells me everything that happened. I felt horrible for making Niall feel the way he did.


The door swung open and Louis ran to hug me.


"YOU'RE ALIVE!" he screams at the top of his lungs. I can't help but laugh.


"Yes Louis, I'm alive."


"Well, we're going to let Louis and Zayn have their turns with you. See you tomorrow Megan" Harry say while kissing my forehead. Liam bends down after and does the same. They wave before closing the door.


I turn to face Louis, who's playing with the doctor's equipment. I laugh when he holds up a stethoscope to his own heart.


"It actually works...” He sounded amazed. I turn to Zayn who's been studying me.


"I'm fine Zayn. Really, I am." I assure him. He nods his head unsurely.


After a few minutes passed of just talking and getting to know each other more, Niall opens the door and shoos Louis and Zayn out. They both kiss my head before exiting the room.


I smile and look at Niall. He's carrying a big teddy bear and a bunch of helium balloons. I giggle as he hands me the teddy.


"Thought you'd need some cheering up." he says with a smile.


We sit and talk until I start to get tired. I yawn and rub my eyes. Niall takes the big teddy bear and sits it on the chair in the corner of my room, giving me more room to sleep.


I snuggle down farther into my sheets and fall asleep to Niall humming 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran.



Niall's POV


She fell asleep and I can't help but stare. She's just so beautiful. I really want her to be the one I show off, that I kiss, that I love. I want to make her mine.


Thinking of her, I drift into sleep, smiling.


I'm awoken in the night by murmurs. I search the room for the source. Megan. She's having a nightmare. I rush over to her and pull her into my arms. She awakes and starts to silently cry. I hush her and lay down, with her in my arms. I rub small circles on her back and I whisper comforting words.


"Niall?" I look down at her, to see her bright blue eyes staring at me.


"Yeah love?" I ask still looking into her eyes.


"I'm sorry." she practically whispers it. Sorry? For what could she possibly be sorry about?


"What for? I don't see anything you need to be sorry for. If anything I should be the one to say sorry. Sorry I didn't get to you in time. Sorry I couldn't stop him from stabbing you." I feel her wince slightly at my mentioning of the last part. I continue with the circles on her back and she relaxes.



Megan's POV


"You couldn't have stopped that Niall. It was not your fault what so ever. I'm just sorry I dragged you into it. Sorry that you were an emotional wreck, as the boys described it." I look at him with pleading eyes. I don't want him to feel as if any of this is his fault.


"I just wish I could have prevented this" he says gesturing to the whole room.


"Niall, really I'm fine. Emotionally I'm terrible but physically, I'm great." I try to assure him.


"And Niall?"




"Thank-you. For saving me. Harry told me how you ran with me in your arms to the hospital." I say while blushing. I must've been heavy.


"It was nothing. You are so light, but I was afraid I was going to drop you" It was as if he read my mind. He gives me and sad smile.


"I'm just so glad you're okay. I don't know what I would've done if you had been badly hurt." I smile at this. Niall has the same kind of feelings for me as I do for him? Really?


I look up into his eyes. I can feel myself being sucked in. I lean and close my eyes. Our lips touch and my hands go to the back of his neck, closing the space between us. Sparks light up inside me. His tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I gladly let him in; our tongues exploring the other's mouth.


When we finally pull apart, we're both breathing heavily.




"Megan, I like you a lot, and I know I can make you happy. Please, will you be my girlfriend?"


I look at him shocked. He does feel the same way.


"Yes, Niall" I say with a stupid smile on my face.


He leans in and gently kisses my lips; not as much force and heat as before but perfect.



Harry's POV


I decided to go to the hospital early this morning. I wanted to stop by to see Megan, then go and see Katie.


I walk up to Megan's door and open it slightly, not to wake her. When I look inside I see Megan, sure enough and then I see someone else, in the bed with her. I walk in to see who it is.


"Niall?" I whisper. His head shoots up and he looks afraid. He calms down when he sees me.


"Hey Harry. What's up?" he asks nonchalantly.


"What's up? I think I should be asking you. Are you two dating?" He smiles a big smile.


"Yeah Haz, we are."


"Good mate. You two both liked each other from the start. You could see it in your eyes. Anyway I got to get going, I wanna go see Katie."


"Katie? Who's Katie?" Niall look truly confused.


"She's a little girl down in the cancer wing. She's a fan. You think later on you could sign a poster for her? She's got us all over her walls." I say smiling. Niall smiles and says he'll come down when Megan wakes up. I nod my head a turn to the door.


Just before I open it, I go to say congrats to Niall, but he's starring at Megan. So I close my mouth and continue walking. It's best not to bother him. I'm really glad he finally found someone to make him happy, he deserves it.


I reach Katie's door and I see everything from inside is gone. No. The bed is made perfectly. The walls are bare. I can feel a tear trickle down my cheek. No! Not Katie. She was so innocent. How could she die? She looked so strong, the way she pulled me through the hospital corridors, the way her eyes lit up when I sang to her.


I just hope she died peacefully; without any pain.

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