Gotta Be You


I glance up at him, and sure enough he has tears trickling down his face. I reach up and wipe them away with my thumb.

“I thought I had lost you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had.” He says it slightly louder now. “I was terrified. I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been by you that whole time.” He shakes his head, tears flowing steadily now.


16. Breanna

Megan’s POV


My alarm sounds off; telling me to get up. I groan and smack it a few times to get it to shut up. Finally when I hit the button, it’s silent; other than Niall’s little puppy snores. ‘Awhh’ my brain whispers. I shake my head, laughing lightly. I unwrap Niall’s arms from around me; trying not to wake him. He spent the rest of the night holding me and whispering all sorts of compliments into my ear. I feel a smile creep onto my face as I make my way to the bathroom Niall and I share.


I slip out of my clothes and step into the already hot shower; memories of last night coming back. I shrivel and push them to the back of my mind. Not wanting to ruin the day ahead of me. I was picking Bre up at the airport, and then I’m taking her to the mall to shop. I smile and continue to wash my hair.


After I’m positive I’ve cleaned myself enough I shut off the shower and wrap a towel around my naked body. I brush through my hair and waterfall braid it. I slip out of the bathroom; tip-toeing so I don’t wake Niall, and walk into the closet.


When I find the clothes I want to wear for my day out I put them on. I make my way down stairs quietly, seeing as everyone stayed the night. They were all sprawled out on the floor and couches. I stifle a laugh as I walk to the kitchen. I write a quick note to Niall telling him where I’ll be. I grab my coat and keys and make my way to my car.



I place my sunglasses on my face and walk hurriedly into the airport; trying to keep distance from teenage girls or from anyone who’d recognize me. I walk down the airport until I see where Bre will come from. I stand and wait, but not for long before I hear her scream.


“MEGANN!” I look up from my phone to see my best friend running at me. She dropped her bags and ran into my arms. We hugged and told each other it was great to see the other. I never realized, until now, how much I really missed having her around. We broke apart from each other’s hugs and grabbed her bags. We walked to my car, our conversation in full swing.


Breanna was telling me about her life back home and I told her hat it was like living here, in London.


The drive was fun; we sang along to the radio and laughed like old times. When we arrived at the mall though, our singing and laughing didn’t stop there. No.  It was worse. We walked into Forever 21 and bought some shirts and pants. Then we went to H&M and bough some cozy sweaters for the holidays. That got me thinking, Christmas is in a few weeks, I should start to get gifts for the boys and girls.


After our little shopping spree, we were tired of shopping. We loaded all of our bags into the boot of the car and took off towards mine and Niall’s flat.


I pulled up to the building and Bre left out a whistle.


“Nice place” she said sizing the place up. I nodded, it was nice. I feel bad for having Niall pay the rent; he wouldn’t let me pay at all.


“Come on than” I say pulling her out of her little trance on the building. She quickly caught up to me and we climbed into the elevator. I push the penthouse and she stares at me wide-eyed.


“THE PENTHOUSE? YOU LIVE IN THE PENTHOUSE?” she seemed shocked, I mean she still doesn’t know about Niall and One Direction or any of that so I guess I don’t blame her; I’d be pretty shocked too.


The elevator doors open revealing a door. I slide my key into the door and turn the knob, allowing Bre into my apartment.


“WOW! I mean I knew you had money, but I didn’t think you were stacked!” she shakes her head in disbelief.


“Megan? Is that you babe?” Breanna shoots me a look as if to say ‘who the hell is that?’


Niall turns the corner, coming in from the kitchen; of course Niall was in the kitchen. I laugh and shake my head; giving Niall a quick peck on the lips.


“Bre, this is Niall… My boyfriend.” Niall stuck his hand out and Bre took it carefully; shaking it lightly.


“Megan has told me a lot about you. I’m so glad to finally get to meet you” Breanna turns her gaze to me.


“I wish I could say the same.” Bre says looking confused


“You mean you don’t know who I am?” Niall asks a little stunned.


“No, should I?” Breanna is starting to look worried now.


“Bre, it’s okay. No need to worry. Niall is a part of a boyband; One Direction.” Niall gives Bre an award winning smile and she just nods her head a little.


“Am I being punked?”


“No, but if you’d like we could all go out for dinner tonight?” Niall suggests.


“Or we could have dinner here? Invite the lads over and tell them to bring the girls?” I suggest back to Niall, who just smiles and nods. He kisses my nose before going to call up the boys.


I lead Breanna down the hall and place her bags in the spare room.


“This is your room; your bathroom is just through that door. Alright? If you need anything, mine and Niall’s room is just down the hall. Call if you need anything” I say with a smile and I leave her to unpack and get comfortable.


I walk into the kitchen and start to cook dinner. I debone the precooked chicken from the grocery store and place it onto 10 plates; giving Niall and the boys a bit more than us girls. I than put beans in the steamer and cook them. I turn on my heel and walk to the dining room. I start to set the table when I hear a knock on the door.


I skip to the door and swing it open to reveal a happy looking Louis, Eleanor and Harry. I step aside to let them in and they all kick off their shoes and sit on the couch.


“Niall should be right down; he just jumped in the shower.” I explain to them.


At the same moment Breanna walked down the stairs.


“Oh… Hi. I’m Breanna, but you can just call me Bre. You must be the others from the band. Correct?” Bre reaches out and shakes their hands. I can’t help but notice that her gaze sticks with Harry’s for a moment longer than normal.


After the rest of the girls and guys show up, and Bre has introduced herself to everyone, we take our seats at the table.


“So, Megan, did you remember to turn off the stove this time?” Harry muses. I blush and laugh uneasily. Breanna looks at me confused. Zayn catches on and motors into the story of how I burnt my last apartment down.


By the time dinner was finished everyone was full and content. We clear our plates and set them in the dish washer. I turn it on and joining the others in the living room.


I glance around the room; Louis, Niall and El are laughing about something; Liam, Zayn, Dani and Perrie are deep in conversation; while Harry and Breanna are giggling and flirting in the couch. I shake my head; laughing to myself as I make my way over to Niall. He wraps an arm around me and kisses the top of my head.



After everyone left it was just Niall, Bre and I. Niall kissed my cheek and told me he was going up to bed.


“I’ll be right up babe.” I say with a smile.


I turn back to Breanna and give her a look. But you see it’s not just any look. It was THE look. The look you get when I want to know something.


“Don’t give me that look. There’s absolutely nothing to tell.” Bre was stubborn, but I was worse. I continued my little stare and she finally broke.


“FINE! Yes, I like him. He invited me out for coffee tomorrow, but I don’t know if I should go. I mean isn’t it cheating on James?” she asks looking completely torn.


“You said you and James weren’t official yet, so really no harm done right? And I mean it’s just going for coffee. You aren’t hooking up or anything.” I state. She nods her head understanding.


“Thanks Meg, I can always count on you.”


“You bet your ass you can” I say with a wink.

I kiss her head and leave her as I go upstairs to cuddle with my Niall.

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