Knocked up(1D)

Julie is not the perfect girl. She became pregnant at the age of 16. Now at age 18, she has a bouncy baby girl named Gracie. She's makes her smile. But one question still longs her. Where is Niall Horan, Gracie's father.


2. Um, Okay..No.

Just then Angry an happiness raced through me. "OMG! Niall where have you been?!?! You expected me to raise a child on my own!?!?!" I yelled pushing him which made him tumble over. "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD MY LIFE HAS BEEN!!!!" I screeched at him. "Julie, you're not the only one with a tough life, I have t almost 24 Hours as a musician" He said. "Oh yeah that's the same as raising a child at age 16" I said with a hint of sarcasm. "Look Julie I made a mistake, Please, please take me back" He begged. "Well....No" I said stepping inside and slamming the door.

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