Knocked up(1D)

Julie is not the perfect girl. She became pregnant at the age of 16. Now at age 18, she has a bouncy baby girl named Gracie. She's makes her smile. But one question still longs her. Where is Niall Horan, Gracie's father.


1. Uh, what?

                                                                                      Julie's POV:


"Fine Gracie, One more time" I sighed as my little toddler hopped back on the swing." Higher mommy higher" Gracie screamed. "Okay, if you say so" I said. "Time to go home" I said as I stopped the swing. "Why" She whine dragging out he 'y'. " Because it's 8 o' clock" I said and carried her to the car. "MOMMY I WANTED TO SAY" Gracie yelled/sung. "We can go back tomorrow Gracie" I said. "Fine" She huffed.


When we got home I went with Gracie to her room to put her PJ's on. "NO!!!!!! I WANNA WEAR MY HELLO KITTY ONES" She cried. "Gracie don't yell!" I snapped at her and put her Hello Kitty PJ's on. After that little situation I layed her down and kissed her goodnight.


Once she was fully asleep I went downstairs to watch T.V. In the middle of the Dance Moms episode I was watching, There was a knock on the door. I answered it while looking at my feet. (Why I do not know).

'Julie" said a thick Irish accent. I looked up to see ocean blue eyes staring at me. "Niall.." I said.

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