Knocked up(1D)

Julie is not the perfect girl. She became pregnant at the age of 16. Now at age 18, she has a bouncy baby girl named Gracie. She's makes her smile. But one question still longs her. Where is Niall Horan, Gracie's father.


3. this is hard

i slammed the door on niall and slid down against it sobbing my eyes out. this is to hard for me. 

'mommy what wrong?"

i looked up and saw my little girl standing in front of me.

"nothing its jus-" i was cut off by the door bell ringing.

'niall go away!" i screamed to the door.

"mommy, is niall bad man that hurt you?" asked a confused gracie.

that was my escuse. bad man cut mommy and left scars on her.

"no gracie its somebody else" i replied to her.

just then, the door flung open, pushing me threw the air, knocking down gracie, and breaking a vase. i felt sudden impact as my head colided with the coffe table. i lifted my head up but my vision was blurry. i looked towards the door and saw niall walking away. with my baby! i quickly got up and ran-if you could say that-towards him. i jumped on his back, causing him to stumble, and drop gracie making her scream. "why?" i asked niall.

"why could you not just leave us alone" i said grabbing gracie.

"you stay the fuck away from us or else i will report you." i spat at him



niall's pov:

man. i really fucked up. taking advice from harry! what was i high! i need to fix this problem soon.

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