I'm A Survivor

Louis Tomlinson is forced to go into the Hunger Games to fight to the death. He will face some sorrowful times, happy times, and even love in this battle. Will he survive? Will he succeed and complete his promise to his brother that he will live?


2. Prologue






                No, this isn’t just another ordinary story of a person’s life.  This isn’t just another story about a person whose life is always good and they get what they want through their lives.  This isn’t just a happy story.  There is going to be life-threatening situations, sorrowful times, and maybe…just maybe…some kind of happiness.  This is my life.

                 My name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson.  I am 17 years old and I live in this dreadful world called the Stitch.  Yes, it’s an awkward name, but it is what it is.  I live with my mum and little brother, Max.  My dad was killed by the City’s police for hunting when it was against the law.

                 This place is completely destroyed.  There was another country that has bombed us and it started a complete war here in the “U.S.” and our country is completely destroyed into pieces.  It isn’t known as the United States anymore, although it should be something like that United Islands of Nowhere.  The bombs were horrible, including the natural disasters.  It was so bad that the once well-known North America split into 10 different islands that weren’t that much farther apart.  It was absurd to think that this would turn into something profitable.   In The City, our President lives there and his name is President White.  He was the actual Vice President when this ugly place was once beautiful.

                My mum, Max, and I live on Island 7.  We aren’t allowed to do anything here that is risky or what others would consider “rebelling against The City”.  The only way I can get us food and money is to hunt down animals in the nearby fields.  It isn’t against the law to hunt there, but not everyone is brave enough to go there.  There are ferocious wolves and coyotes, bears and moose.  I haven’t actually tried getting down a large animal actually.  The largest I’ve gotten was a full-grown wolf.  There are a few rules when we go hunting:

We can’t go into the fields when there is a red flag next to the tree northwest of the field entrance (everyone knows which tree; it is the oldest tree on Island 7). No firearms while hunting.  You can use bow and arrows, spears, and throwing knives. ALWAYS use the buddy system.

   I do have a buddy if you were wondering if I do or not.  Her name is Sierra.  She isn’t like most girls, if you will put it that way.  She has the same issue that I have…to stock up on food for her family and care for them.  She has 3 brothers, whom are too young to do anything.  Sam is 5, Indiana is 4, and Scout is 2.  Sierra lives with her mum and she has to do everything since her dad was murdered.  He broke one of the laws and he was killed in a guillotine. 

   We have harder lives that others, but we are succeeding so far.

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