I'm A Survivor

Louis Tomlinson is forced to go into the Hunger Games to fight to the death. He will face some sorrowful times, happy times, and even love in this battle. Will he survive? Will he succeed and complete his promise to his brother that he will live?


4. Chapter 2- Punishment





              I finally caught up to my senses and quickly ran to the side-line.  One of the guards was beating a little girl who was probably 7 years old or so.  “Stop!!” I yelled.  The guards laughed at me and grabbed my arms, holding me back.  They started kicking the little girl, holding me there to watch.  I couldn’t bear to see this gruesome beating! The cries out in pain coming from the little girl and seeing them kick her broke my heart each time it happened.  I quickly kicked the guard who was holding me back as hard as I can in the shin and jumped the guard who was doing the beating.  His body was as solid as rock and the only thing I can do was slowly make him irritated so the girl can get away.  I got the guard distracted and yelled at the girl saying, “GO!! Get out of here!!” She got to her feet and ran to her mother, grabbing her clothes and crying.  I was trying to beat the guy to the ground, but he was too big.  He pushed me to the ground instead and started to kick me like he did to the little girl, but harder.  I was grabbing my side after he was kicking me and I slowly got up, still having anger and energy in me.  I punched him as hard as I can in the face and I felt the slight crack of his nose.  Blood was now trickling down his face and it looked horrible.  He bent down, grabbing his nose and I kicked him, as if that’ll do anything.  Right when he was about to get up and punch me straight in the stomach, I heard an anger-filled voice say, “That’s enough!”  I looked up and it was the President White.  I let go of the guy’s shirt ad stood there.  “Obadiah! What is going on here?” The guard, Obadiah, I am guessing, looked up and quickly stood up, straightening his uniform and said with a bloody face, “Uh sir, her mother was in the prison-lock and she tried to escape.  This little girl was trying to fight me so she can get to her mother.”  “Ah, I see we have a fighter amongst us!  Follow me, Obadiah, and bring the young fighters,” President White said with a mischievous grin.  President White started walking to the stage in front of all of the people of Island 7.  He looked back at me and said, “You are in big trouble young man.”  We made it to the stage and I looked out at the crowd, staring at my family.  My mum was horrified and Max was clinging to her skirt, crying.  I felt so bad for doing this to them, but I had to help the little girl before that jerk kills her!  President White tapped the microphone, sending the wild sound of feedback through the speakers around The Circle.  “Attention, Island 7!  We gave found trouble ones lurking amongst us and guess what their punishment is?  This young man, number-“He stopped and jerked my wrist forward trying to look for my number tattoo.  “Number 327 is going into the Hunger Games as a tribute for this Island!”  Everyone gasped and my Mum started to tear up, Max cried even more.  Fear and terror were written plainly on their faces.  I felt a surge of fear and more anger rise inside of me.  This can’t be!  I can’t go into the Hunger Games!  I can’t leave Max behind and let him slowly starve!  Without me, he will not live because I am practically his life-line!   These thoughts kept running around my head until I heard President White speak up again.  “And, a punishment for this little girl right here, she will go into the Hunger Games with this young man, being a burden and making their lives harder!”  He made that trademark mischievous grin.  Ugh.  I hate that so much. 

                I looked at the little girl next to me and she was bloody and she looked so weak.  She was so weak that the guard who was holding her arms back had to hold her whole body up because she wasn’t strong enough.  I looked down at the ground and said to myself, God; I hope everything will be alright.  “Now, all we need is an official female tribute to go in along with this young man and this scrubby little girl.” How DARE he say that about her!  I looked up and saw President White-talk-bad-a-lot walk over to the girls’ tribute bowl, picked out a strip of paper, and walked back to the microphone.  “The female tribute for the 32nd Hunger Games is-“ *pause*  “number 333, Sara Weinburg!”  When I heard her name, the time we first met came to my mind.



                I was at school with no lunch 2 years ago.  I didn’t have much luck when I went hunting the day before, so I didn’t have meat for lunch today.  Sara is the Mayor of Island 7’s daughter and of course, she had plenty to eat.  It was lunch time and we gathered in the school yard for it.  Sara was sitting next me and she pulled out a ham ‘n cheese sandwich from her brown paper bag.  She started to eat her sandwich, but she looked over at me seeing I wasn’t getting out of a bag for lunch.  She then tore her sandwich in half and handed me one side.  Being a boy, I wouldn’t have taken it from her because I young lady needs her lunch, but I was so starving that I felt sick.  I slowly took it from her and, taking a bite.  I bluntly and quietly said, “Thank you,” and she smiled sweetly.  Since then, I have always remembered her as a nice person and somewhat a friend, even if she didn’t know.



                Sara is no longer known as the Mayor’s daughter because her father died a year back and she became just as poor as us.  Now you can probably consider her as “one of us”.  When she heard her name being said by President White, I watched her come up to the stage shyly and terrified and stood by President White.  “Now may the best man and woman survive and win,” were President White’s last words.




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