I'm A Survivor

Louis Tomlinson is forced to go into the Hunger Games to fight to the death. He will face some sorrowful times, happy times, and even love in this battle. Will he survive? Will he succeed and complete his promise to his brother that he will live?


3. Chapter 1- The Choosing


 The Choosing



               It was the day of The Choosing.  There are over 500 kids here on Island 7 ad we have to enter twice each time.  The process is rather easy.  We have to go to the Circle to meet up with the other kids from the age 12-18.  Max isn’t eligible and Sierra’s brothers aren’t old enough to enter, so she and I are the only ones in our families whose lives are at great risks.

                 I had to go out and milk out goat to get some milk.  It seems weird that we get milk from a goat, which is totally OK because hey, we aren’t the only ones who do it.  I threw on my brown jacket and my “riding boots” and went out the door.  I walked out to the goat pen and grabbed a small tin bucket from the little shed next to the pen.  I started calling our goat, Marmalade, and started to milk.  As I was sitting there taking care of my job, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I quickly jumped up and turned around, ready to defend myself if it was the police.  I finally realized it was just Sierra.  I settled down and got myself to say, “Ha-ha, hey there.”  She smiled and said, “What’s up, Sass Masta?” “Nothing, just finishing up the milking so Mum and Max can get something in their systems before The Choosing.  What are you doing down here?”  Sierra lived just up the road, so she’s pretty close.  “Nothing much, I just got a rabbit!” she said, holding up a little, fuzzy animal.  “Great!  Are you going to sell it or save it?” “I’m going to skin it, keep the meat, and sell the fur.  I better get going.  I have to get the boys ready to go to The Circle.” “Ok, see you around, Sierra.”  And with that, she left.  I got done with the milking and I headed back inside.  When I got in, I saw Max trying to cut some bread for breakfast.  “Hey buddy, let me help you.”  He smiled and I cut two slices of bread and poured him a cup of milk.  “Thanks Lou,” he said with his soft, 8 year old voice.  “No problem, bud.”  I cut two more slices and poured a cup of milk for Mum and handed it to her.  She hasn’t been of much help since Father died.  She gets around and does her daily tasks, but she doesn’t care for Max and I…well, mostly Max because I can care for myself. So that is my job! 

                 After breakfast, we started getting ready for The Choosing.  We all bathed and put on our best clothes and left with one lingering thought, who will be picked?  We met up with Sierra and her family.  We went through the little processes like the guards taking our blood from a prick in our pinky finger and putting it in their log book.  Every island has the population’s blood samples in each of their log books.  They also gave us our temporary tattoos of our number on our wrists.  I was once again 327 out of 500.  Sierra and I were separated; she went to the girl’s side and I went to the boy’s side.  I was sitting there, waiting for the ceremony to start when I heard yelling.  I looked to my left and I saw something completely gruesome.  The alarm in my head was going off and my conscience was telling me to do something, but I couldn’t get myself to budge.  My fists were curled up and I was sweating with anticipation to do something, yet with a little bit of fear.


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