Save Me

Lilly Payne is the shy girl, the ugly girl at school. Liam Payne is her cousin, but they lost contact years ago, but then Lilly meets Niall, and they fit together like 2 puzzle pieces.


7. why her

Allys P.O.V. "Harry?" It was Harry the boy i loved in highschool. I heard they were living with Lilly Payne, a girl i hate. I might just have to find a way to get her out. Harry looked like he was crying because of Lilly and Niall, i think Niall and Harry are so cute, they soon will both be mine. I need to be irresisteble, even though i already am. Harry carried me and brought me to his flat. He walked me to Lillys room, where Niall and her had a movie playing and were kissing. Harry cleared his throat. "HARRY HOW MANY TIMES DO I TELL YOU TO LEAVE ME AND LILLY ALONE?" "Sorry, but this is Ally, she was wondering if she could talk to Niall." "Umm, i am busy right now. You can talk to me right there and right now, but if its private i'm not interested on kissing you or anything. So please get out." "I didn't know you were so much of an ass" I said to Niall. "And i didn't know Harry would fall for such a bitch." With that Niall shoved me and Harry out and shut the door. "Sorry Ally, Niall's not usually like this. Its just he doesn't like when people interupt him with any of his girlfriends, especially Lilly." "Well, Lilly is a fucking whore so i could care less." "What, Lilly is not a whore!" Shit, i said that outloud. With that, i barged into Niall and Lilly again, pushed them away from eachother and kissed Niall, hard, but he struggled to get off me. No sparks flew, nothing. I felt broken, i wan't right for anyone.

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