Save Me

Lilly Payne is the shy girl, the ugly girl at school. Liam Payne is her cousin, but they lost contact years ago, but then Lilly meets Niall, and they fit together like 2 puzzle pieces.


4. on tour

Niall and i were both 21, and we were living it up! Zayn has a jerky girlfriend, her name is Alexa. The boys and Alexa and I were going to the movies. Everyone but Zayn knew Alexa was a bitch. Alexa and Niall sat next to me, we were going to watch The Ring 2. When no one was watching, alexa whispered slut in my ear. It was like that the whole entire movie, and after she called me a bitch I looked at her. "You know what Alexa, everyone knows how much of a bitch you are except Zayn! If you would shut the hell up, i think we would get along just fine!' Zayn was in the bathroom so she could act like this. "But Zayn`s dating me isn`t that right?" All the boys were watching. "I never knew Zayn dated animals, did you Lou?" "Hell no. He dates girls!" "Ya, i never knew Zayn would of dated a zoo animal." added Niall. She started to cry, so Zayn would feel sorry for her. "Guys i broke up with Alexa a while ago, I thought Lils and Alex were friends." said Zayn. "Hell no! I hated her with a passion." Alexa ran out of the theatre, sobbing. We went home, and Niall and I went to our flat. Yes, we lived together. He was taking me somewhere tonight, and he said he had to go get something for our date. I hopped into the hot shower, and washed my body and hair. i got on a pair of white skinny jeans, a sequin blue top and blue TOMS. I put on some eyeliner, mascara and blush and a little bronzer and curled my blonde hair. I heard Niallers car pull up, and i ran outside. It was 7:00, and i got in the car. He drove me to the carnival, and when we got there i gasped. It said reserved for Niall Horan, and something even better in the sky. Fireworks lit up, one saying "Lilly, will you marry me?' Niall was down on one knee, and i screamed the answer. "YES!!!!!!!!!!"

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