Save Me

Lilly Payne is the shy girl, the ugly girl at school. Liam Payne is her cousin, but they lost contact years ago, but then Lilly meets Niall, and they fit together like 2 puzzle pieces.


2. i found my other half

I woke up seeing a note on my forehead. Rat, me and Ana are at school and are at a student council meeting. You have to walk your scummy self to school. Enjoy the 5 mile walk! Ugh, i hate her. I had 2 hours before i had to go to school, so i went into Anas room. All i saw was one direction hats, posters, life sized cutouts and a autographed T-shirt. It said Liam Payne who was my cousin, Niall Horan (i loved him) and Harry Styles. I guess the others didn`t sign. I looked into her closet and saw more posters, but more importantly a box saying, clothes that don`t fit! I looked in the box and saw outfits that would fit me, and then i saw Ana`s bathroom, and a shower. I am going to be pretty for once. I hopped into the shower and washed all the dirt and grime off of me. When i got out, i saw a very beautiful girl in the mirror. Me. I got an outfit out of the box and put it on. I had on denim shorts, a pink tank top and some pink vans. I put on some of Ana`s makeup, which was a little bronzer, some mascara eyeliner and light pink blush. I got my long blonde hair straightened and i head off to school. When i saw my school builiding with the Mullingar Ireland sign, I noticed a car saying 1D. It couldn`t be One Direction, could it? I heard the screams saying, I LOVE YOU LIAM! Or, NIALL CAN YOU GIVE ME AN AUTOGRAPH? Yep, it was 1D. I stared at Niall, his ocean blue eyes that made me melt inside and his blonde hair with flecks of brown. He made eye contact with me, and he stared. Oh no, i must look horrible. I saw him walk over to me, and then he was standing right next to me. "Hello, love. I`m Niall Horan, and you are?" "Well hello Mr.Horan, I am Lilly Payne, and yes, I am related to Liam. And you didn`t have to introduce yourself, I am a huge fan. Besides Liam, you are by far my favorite." He blushed and i giggled. We exchanged numbers and all the girls at school were dead silent. Uh oh, me and Niall looked at eachother and were inches away from touching. He leaned in, and I felt sparks and noticed he was kissing me. We broke away, and he smiled. "That was perfect we said in unision. I saw Liam and screamed LilLi. " Lils, is that really you.? And are you and Niall dating?" "Lilly, will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course i will." That all happened 3 years ago, my story has changed since then.

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