Save Me

Lilly Payne is the shy girl, the ugly girl at school. Liam Payne is her cousin, but they lost contact years ago, but then Lilly meets Niall, and they fit together like 2 puzzle pieces.


6. i found Ally

Harry`s P.O.V. I had to get away from Niall and Lilly. Nobody except Louis knew how much i loved Lilly. Everytime i see them, they are kissing, and its so annoying. I usually get the girl, but NO! Dumb Niall had to meet her first. I loved Niall, like a brother, but ugh hes pissing me off. "Guys, i am gonna go take a walk, ok? I will be back in a little." "Alrighty then, bye Hazzie Bear!" said Lou. I slammed the door, and walked outside. It was raining, and fog filled my eyes. I trudged down the alley, which was very creepy as of now. Lots of mist came and made it look like a horror movie setting. "NO DADDY I WON`T DO IT EVER AGAIN, PLEASE LET ME GO!" "But sweetie, I love you. Your so sexy, I am going to take your virginity away." I had to help her. I ran down the alley, and saw a beautiful brown haired girl. Her eyes were as green as emerald, and her brown hair was as long as Lilly`s. "NO LET HER GO YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!" "IS THIS YOUR BOYFRIEND ALLISON!" "Ally, is that you?' "Harry? " It was my high school love.

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