Kicking with Horan

Katy was the star player for her football team for school. She soon becomes friends with a boy who has talent of his own and wants to share it with world. She has been friends with Niall before One Direction, before The X-Factor. Niall auditioned a little bit because of Katy. You could call her his Lucky Charm. She moves to London years after still playing football for her college and part time job as a model. Katy has been friend-zoned from Niall for a long time. Can she take it any longer? Will Niall and Katy ever end up together?


1. Making a friend

   My name is Katy Robertson. I lived in New York City for my first couple months of life. My parents moved me and my older sister all the over to Mullingar, Ireland.

   I am fifteen now and since I have lived in Ireland my sister and I  have gotten the accent to go with it. My parents still have the American accent though. 
  I don't have that much friends only a few. Most people at my school want to be a lawyer, actor, etc  Some want to be a singer but most of them do not have the voice for it. Not a lot of big things happen in Mullingar.
   For me I want to be a professional football player in London. I play keeper for the the school team. A lot of people know who I am but don't really talk to me.
  Today was shit. I have tons of homework. My best friend blows me off for her boyfriend. My dad had to work late and my sister was at her University in London so I had to ride the bus.
  The seats were filled. Couples holding hands and making out. Some people dressing hipster with their headphones blocking out the noise around them. 
   I finally find a seat in the back. I set my bag on the ground and pull out my phone to listen to music. I lay my back on the window with my feet on the seat. I look across the seat and see a boy that I have seen around school before. 
   He wore a dark jacket. His hair was dyed from brunette to blonde. His eyes were the color of the sky on a sunny day. He didn't notice me sit down since he was too into the music he was listening to.
   I soon see his lips moving and I pull out my ear buds  I hear him singing a Justin Bieber song. It is adorable how he would be singing one of his songs and I have to say he is an amazing singer.
  He turns his head and shuts up. He takes his ear buds out still staring at me.
  "Oh, uh, sorry didn't mean to disturb you." He says.
  "Don't worry. I liked it. You have an amazing voice." I compliment him. His cheeks turn red and he smiles to reveal his crooked teeth. Normally I don't like crooked teeth but they made him adorable. "I love your smile."
  "Thanks. Katy right?" He asks. He moves closer so he is on the edge of his seat and feet in the aisle. I move to the edge of my seat.
  "Yeah. How do you know that?" 
  "I come and watch your football games. You are an amazing player." I blush a little. 
  "Aw thanks. I am sorry I don't know your name." I apologize  I thought it was a little sad that he knew me but I didn't even know his name.
  "Niall. Niall Horan." Our hands shake. The name really fit him. "You know we could be really good friends. You want to go to the fair tomorrow?" 
  "Sure I don't think I have anything going on." 
  "Can I have your number?" I hand him my phone and he types and hands it back. His phone goes off several seconds later. He gives a cute wink before getting into his phone.
   Niall and I are the last ones on the bus. We talked the whole time. The driver soon arrives at my bus stop. I stand up and grab my stuff and notice Niall doing the same.
   "What are you doing?" I ask.
   "This is my bus stop. What are you doing?" He responds.
   "This is mine." Niall smiles at my answer. I blush knowing that he lives close to me.
   "Well this just means that we can hang out way more. What time do you want me to get you?" The two of us walk in the same direction.
   "Eleven sounds fine." Niall gives the cute wink again. I soon stop at the gate of my house. I walk towards my house and look over my shoulder. Niall spots me looking at him and waves. I wave back and walk inside. 
  The house was empty. I made some dinner for me since my parents were coming home around eleven. I decide to call my dad to let him know I made it home but mostly because I have nothing else to do.
  Emily, his bitchy assistant answered instead.
  "Emily can I talk to my dad, please?"
  "I don't know. Your father is very busy and I don't think he needs one of you teenagers to ruin it." Emily says. I hear a voice in the background and soon the voice changes to my father.
  "Sorry about that Katy. How was your day?" 
  "Crappy. The only thing that lighten it up was I met this boy who seems really nice. I think he is cute but I think he only wants to be friends. We did just meet though." I say.
  "Oh that's interesting. What's his name?"
  "Niall Horan. We are going to the fair tomorrow."
  "Oh, I know Niall. His mother and I work together and I went over to his house for dinner. He has an older brother named Greg about the same age as Olivia." My dad says. She seemed really excited about me and Niall. Olivia is my older sister.
   My dad and I end the phone call. The time was ten, so I decide to go to bed so I can get up early to get ready.
  The next day I curl my hair and put on some ripped, light blue, jeans shorts. I put on a loose, soft pink blouse. My phone starts buzzing like crazy. I answer it to hear Niall's voice.
  "Hey you ready?" Niall asks.
  "Well then answer the god damn door." He says. I let out a giggle and hear him chuckle on the other line. I run downstairs and open the door. "You look great." 
  "Thanks. I have to get my money. Want to eat here so we don't have to buy food there?" I ask.
  "Sure." Niall steps in and walks straight to the kitchen. I grab a fifty off my dresser and head downstairs. Niall had already made us some sandwiches and glasses of milk. 
  Niall and I leave after and we walked down to the fairgrounds. Niall played his phone and we sung along to the songs. When a song I didn't know came on I just listened to him sing.
  "Niall, your voice needs to be heard. It is amazing."
  "Really? I never thought I would be good enough. One time when I was younger I was singing in the car and they thought the radio was on." I smile at his story. We finally arrive at the fair. We went on tons of roller coasters and rides. 
  Around ten little kids started leaving so Niall and I thought it would be funny to ride the little kids' ride. Two hours later we walked back to our houses and he walked me to my gate.
  "Thanks for today. Haven't had that much fun in a long time." I say to him. He gives me a hug and leaves. I went to the kitchen to eat and found a note from my dad saying that he is working late again and won't be home till noon tomorrow.
   I didn't really feel tired from the two Red Bulls Niall and I had each. I laid at the foot of my bed facing the television with my hands holding my face. I soon hear something hitting my window as if they were pebbles.
  I open my window to find out it was and sure enough there was little rocks sitting on my balcony. I look over the ledge to find who was the one throwing it and found a familiar face.
  "Hey. Do you mind if I come up?" Niall shouts.
  "Yeah let me just go unlock the door." I yell down while pointing behind me.
   "No. I'll climb." He grabs the trunk of the closest tree next to the balcony and climbs up. I help him out when he transfers over to the ledge from a thick branch.
   I head back to my original position on my bed and focus back on the TV. Niall soon lays right next to me with some popcorn he just made.
   "What are we watching?" He asks with a mouthful of popcorn.
   "Last weeks X-Factor." Niall steals the remote from me. "No!" I squeal as I crawl on top of him grabbing it.
   "Why? It is old." 
   "I missed it." I go back to laying next to him and grab a handful of popcorn. "Don't tell me what happens."
   During commercial I play some music and Niall and I talk. A Maroon 5 songs comes on.
   "Oh this is my favorite song!" Niall cheers. He starts singing to the lyrics. Just him singing made me blush. It made me feel like I was at an actual concert.
   I start jumping on the bed in a sitting position. Making a squealing noise making my hands hit my thighs. Niall grabs my wrists to make me stop and stares at me as if I was crazy.
  "What is it?" He asks.
  "You should audition for the X-Factor!" I smile. Niall's face goes blank. "What is it, Niall?"
  "Sometimes I think about auditioning but I just think I'm not good enough." 
   "Excuse my language, Niall. But are you fucking kidding me?! You are an amazing singer and sure as hell are going to be good on X-Factor." Niall laughs at me and focuses back on the show.
    My thumb and index finger grasp Niall's chin and I make him look at me. His crystal blue eyes look me in the eyes.
   "You are going to audition rather you like it or not." Niall smiles at me and exposing his beautiful crooked teeth. He kisses my cheek and looks back at the TV.
   "I'll do it, as long as you'll be my Lucky Charm." He winks at me as he puts his arm around my shoulders.
   "What will I have to do to be your Lucky Charm?" I smirk at him. He grabs my wrist and t sets it next to him. He plays with his bracelet and takes it off. He sets it on my wrist and clips it on.
   "Wear this and if I actually make it to Live performances I want you to call me before I go on. Okay?" He looks me in the eyes.
   Around four in the morning Niall climbs down the tree. He waves at me and I watch him walk until he disappears in the darkness. I go to sleep and dream about that beautiful smile of his.


Author's Note:

  Hello. I hope you liked the first chapter of it. I'll try and make fanfics for all the other guys. Hope you like the story.


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