Kicking with Horan

Katy was the star player for her football team for school. She soon becomes friends with a boy who has talent of his own and wants to share it with world. She has been friends with Niall before One Direction, before The X-Factor. Niall auditioned a little bit because of Katy. You could call her his Lucky Charm. She moves to London years after still playing football for her college and part time job as a model. Katy has been friend-zoned from Niall for a long time. Can she take it any longer? Will Niall and Katy ever end up together?


5. Kiss Me

     I pull up to Louis' flat and don't see Eleanor's call at all. I park next to Harry's car and walk up to the door of his flat. Before I can even knock, Harry opens the door with a big grin on his face.
   "Hello love!" He shouts as picks my up and kisses my cheek. "Niall is here but Lou went to get a few beers."
   "Where's El?" I ask hoping she is somewhere near by.
   "She went out with some of her girly-friends." Dammit. Well this is going to awkward. I walk pass him and find Niall on the couch talking on his phone.
    "I know, mum. Okay. Talk to you later, Katy's here. I will tell her. Bye. Love you too." Niall hangs up and looks at me. He gets up and hugs me. "Long time no see babe." He kisses the opposite cheek of Harry's kiss. "My mum says hi. And that she misses having you over."
    "Well maybe some weekend the two of us should go to Ireland. Deal?" I ask.
    "I have to go to the bathroom." I say to both of them and leave them. I lock the door behind me and grab my cell. I dial Louis' number and wait a few rings to hear his British Accent.
   "Hey it is Katy."
   "Oh. Hey. I'll be there in five."
   "Can you hurry. It is getting really awkward with the three of us here."
   "I know sweetheart. I'll be there as soon as I can. I should have called." He says. I hang up. Flush the toilet to make it sound like I wasn't faking. I walk out and find both of them on the couch playing on their phone.
   I walk to the kitchen and raid their fridge. I come back out to the living room and throw them a pack of candy. I sit inbetween them and feel Niall's arm slide around me and pull me closer. Harry looks over at me, with my head resting on Niall. He makes a heavy breath and rolls his eyes and focuses back on his phone.
   I nudge him with my knee and he responds with a cheeky smile. I focus back on Niall on Twitter. He tweets: Chillin' with Katy, @Harry_Styles and waiting for @Louis_Tomlinson to bring beer.
   Right when he tweets that Louis barges through the door with two packs of beer in his hands. I jump over the couch and grab a beer. I rush to the kitchen to get a bottle opener.
   "Thank god you're here." I take a gulp of beer and see the guys laughing at me. "Well let's go play so football sha'll we."  I grab the ball that is in the corner and run out the front door. I go to the front lawn and start juggling. A minute later the boys come out with the beer and Louis breaks out a mini radio and plugs in his iPhone to listen to music.
    Niall chooses me to be on his team. I take on Louis most of the time and Harry gets Niall. We go to who can score to five first. The score was all tied up at four. I pass off to Niall. He goes passed Louis. He passes back to me. I dribble towards the goal used as two empty beer bottles. I feel a tall body bump into. I look up and see the curly haired boy. 
    He gives a smile and tries to get the ball. I pull back go around him. I kick the ball and score a goal. I throw my hands in the air and scream with joy. I run to Niall and jump on him. I wrap my legs around his torso. I crash my lips onto his. 
    He sets me down and our lips part. He smiles and his cheeks turn red. I look over at Louis and see him looking at the flat. I look over and see Harry walking inside and slamming the door. I leave Niall's arms and run inside. 
   I find Harry sitting on the couch on his phone. I sit next to him and scoots away. I scoot closer and he can't move anymore.
   "Harry?" I ask.
   "What?" He snaps.
   "What did I do?"
   "How the hell could you do this to me? And Niall? Make up you fucking mind!" He yells.
   "Oh my god, Harry! That was a one night stand! It didn't mean a damn thing! You know I've loved Niall like forever. How the hell could you do this to me?" He stands there speechless. I beat him. I wasn't lying, he has known this a long time.
    "I'm sorry. It's just... I don't want you to get hurt."
    "How will I get hurt?" I ask.
    "He doesn't want a relationship. This whole band thing is too much."
    "Harry I think I know what I'm doing. I don't need you to tell me how I can run my life. Your my friend not my dad." I grab my phone and keys and go to my car. Niall steps in front of me.
    "Do you want to talk?" He asks.
    "Yes. Can you come over tonight?"
    "Yeah. I'll see tonight, love." He kisses my cheek. That kind of calmed me down. I drive too my flat and find a note from Nicole.
   Went to Mike's house for the night. Won't be pack till late tomorrow. Got food today so eat up. Love ya girl!xx
    Whoever Mike is. I go to kitchen and make some dinner for me and leave some out for Niall. Around eight I hear knocks on the door. I run to the door and find Niall with a bouquet of flowers. I take them and kiss his cheek. I set it on the counter and get food. I take Niall's hand lead him to my room. 

   I sit on my bed and set out food. Niall sits across from me and is already eating.
  "So what happened at Louis' flat?" 
  "Just Harry was saying how I shouldn't get caught up in you since you really don't want a relationship and all."
   "I don't know, Katy. It's just I feel like I don't want a girlfriend but when I'm around you I feel so different." I look up at him in shock. I didn't really know what to do.
   "Kiss me." I breathe out. He wraps his arms around me and plants his lips on mine. I lay down as he gets on top of me. Both of his knees on either side of my hips. His tongue traces my lips and tries to enter my mouth. I let his tongue in and explore my mouth.
   I pull his shirt off him and feel his chest. His mouth leaves mine and moves over to my neck. He sucks and nibbles on me, sure to leave something for a few days. Soft moans escape from my lips. 
   He moves back up to my lips but this time my tongue explores his mouth. I could feel him growing on my thigh. My travels down to his sweatpants and palm him through them. He lets out a moan and rolls off me. He walks to my door. He paces back and forth. 
   He combs his hair with fingers and messes it up. Okay now I was really horny.
   "I can't do this." He says. 
   "I know I am sorry."
   "No. Don't be. It is all me. Trust me, I want you so bad." He sets his knees on either side of my hips and sits on my lap. I sit up so I am face to face with him.
   He looks me in the eyes and kisses me. He grabs me hands and looks at them.
  "I want you so bad." He say again. He looks up to me and gets off. He grabs his shirt and heads towards the door. I jump in front before he can walks out.
   "Stay. I don't want you to leave. Please spend the night with me." 
   "Okay." He smiles and lays in my bed. I turn on the tv and lay next to Niall. He pulls me in close. We wrap our arms around each other and stay like that for the rest of the night.
   The next morning I wake up a little earlier then usual. The clock read seven in the morning. Niall was still fast asleep. Arms wrapped around me. I slowly slip away, as I finally release from his grasp, Niall rolls on the other side. 
   I get up and change into a pair of sweats and tank top. I look over at Niall and see his eyes quickly shut. That sneaky bastard. I wrap my hands around his, and squat so I am face to face with him.
   "Niall..." His lips curl into a smirk. I grab a pillow and hit him with it. "You're such a perv, Niall. Watching me change." I smile. He rolls over and goes back to sleep. 
   I head back to the kitchen and make some bacon and pancakes. When I finish up the bacon, I hear feet against the floor heading towards the kitchen. Niall walks around with his hair in mess. His eyes the brightest blue they have ever been. His exposed upper body has marks from the wrinkled bed sheets as if they were tattoos. 
   He soon notices me staring as I see his beautiful smile exposes his straight teeth. He walks towards me and wraps his arms around my tiny body. 
  "What?" He asks.
  "You're just perfect" I look into those bright blue eyes. He takes the spoon from my hand and sets it on the counter. He pushes my body against the counter, trapping me with that and his arms. He slowly lowers his head until his lips finally reach mine. 
  "Not as perfect as you are." I blush and sneak away from his trap.
  "Let's eat." I grab his plate and mine and lead our way to the living room. I place my legs over Niall's lap and hand him his plate. I turn on the channel to the news.
  "Has Niall Horan really found a girlfriend? And may she destroy the rest of his career?" The news reporter says. Following after the speech is a picture of me and Niall kissing at Louis' flat. 
   Niall sets down the plate and gets on the phone. I sit there speechless. Imagining what I have done.
   "What the hell is this?!... How the hell could she ruin my career?!... All of the lads have been in relationship sometime in our career together.... How is she different?.... So what if we've been friends before One Direction..... I don't give a fuck. If we were dating I wouldn't give a fuck you said." He hangs up with that. He looks pissed.
   I walk up to him and wrap my body around him.
  "Thank you." I say. He doesn't say anything back. He just walks away from me and leaves to my room. Seconds later he comes out with his shirt back on. He grabs his keys and grabs the door handle.
  He looks back at me with hurt in his eyes. He looks away and shuts the door behind him. Immediately I get a call from Liam.
  Liam: What the hell? I leave for a day and this is what happens. 
  Me: Liam, can you knock it off. Niall was all fine until we turn on the tv and find this bullshit. He doesn't even say a thing and just leaves.
  Liam: I'm sorry. Were you two really dating?
  Me: No. Even if we were you would be the first one I'd tell.
  Liam: Should I come over?
  Me: Can you?
  Liam: I'll be there in ten minutes.
   I walk to my room and flop onto my bed. The bed still had his scent. I lay face down. Crying of what ever the hell happened. 
   I soon get a text from Liam saying he was here. I text back saying it was unlocked. A minute later a feel my bed shift and feel a hand rub my back.
   Liam spent most of the day over at my flat until he went home to Danielle. I call up Nicole asking when she will be home. She says that she is going to the club and will probably be home the next day.
   Well today is the next day. Around noon she finally shows up with a massive hangover. She looks a mess. Dress teared, make up smeared. Hair bigger than it has ever been. She smelled of cheap perfume and a mix of cologne.
  I ignore her. I have been through a lot the last couple days and she has been hooking up with every guy she sees. I go to my room and decide to try to call Niall. No answer. 
  I'll just drop by. I get in some jeans and a nice t-shirt. I braid my hair back and leave the place. 
   Minutes later I was on his front porch. I knock on the door and wait. I hear movement in the house then quietness. That bastard. I pull up the rug and grab his spare key and unlock his door.
  He sits on the couch looking hungover. I look around and see empty and half empty scotch bottles. 
   "What the hell happened?" I ask.
  "Hey Katy." He still even looks a little drunk. He pulls me into an awkward hug. "How are you?" His breath smelled horribly of alcohol. He pulls me in closer and I smell cigarettes, perfume and sweat. I push away from him.
  I get out of the house, still thinking of the smell of that perfume. Did he hook up with someone last night? I mean I don't even have that perfume.
  I get home and see Nicole at least a little better. She laid on the couch watching TV with a cup of tea. I give her wave. 
  How could he do this to me? This is the worst thing he has ever done to me. 
  I go to my room and take a nap. Around three I get a text from Danielle asking if I wanted to go out with a few friends. It would be really good for me to get Niall off my mind, so I reply accepting the invitation. I get dressed in a cute dress and straighten my hair. I go to the bathroom and put on deodorant and go through Nicole's perfume. 
  I spray a few and quickly put them pack. I pick a pink bottle that doesn't have a label. I spray it in the air and instantly  recognize it. It was the perfume Niall had. That is the cologne I smelled on Nicole! It was all clear.
Niall and Nicole slept together, while I was heartbroken.

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