Kicking with Horan

Katy was the star player for her football team for school. She soon becomes friends with a boy who has talent of his own and wants to share it with world. She has been friends with Niall before One Direction, before The X-Factor. Niall auditioned a little bit because of Katy. You could call her his Lucky Charm. She moves to London years after still playing football for her college and part time job as a model. Katy has been friend-zoned from Niall for a long time. Can she take it any longer? Will Niall and Katy ever end up together?


6. Hell

 I can't believe how stupid I am. 
  I grab a suitcase and pack everything I need. I head to the door and I hear Nicole get up.
  "Where are you going, Katy?"
  "Anywhere from you and Niall! You bitch, I don't get why you would do this to me?!" I yell
  "I'm sorry." She says.
  "Fuck you. This friendship is over!" I flip her the middle finger and leave the flat. I get in my car and drive to the ariport. I look at my phone and see text messages from Nicole. 
  "One ticket to Ireland please." I hand her my payment and leave with my ticket. 
   I had an hour to kill. I didn't really have anything to do. I go on my phone and look at the text messages from Nicole saying how sorry she is. My phone soon buzzes saying it is Niall. I ignore it. 
  A minute later it buzzes again but it is Liam this time. I answer it.
  Me: Liam? Listen I am just so pissed at Nicole and Niall. I don't even want to talk to them. If you want to visit me I am going to my dad's house in Mullingar.
  Niall: Don't go. I'm sorry. It was a drunken mistake. I was so depressed from that whole news story.
  Me: Well that is a horrible excuse to get drunk because I was standing there arms wide open. Why are you even calling me with Liam's phone?
  Niall: I know. Because I knew you would keep ignoring my calls.
  My flight name gets called.
  Me: I gotta go. I have a plane.
   Hours went by until I finally got to Mullingar. My dad was a little suprised to find a twenty year-old girl crying and with a suitcase next to her on his porch. He didn't even ask what happened, he took my stuff and pulled me into a hug. 
  When I finally got my shit together he made us tea while we discussed what happened.
  "I'm sorry sweetheart. I don't really know what to say, it is Niall and he has been in this house millions of times. He is practily like a son."
  "Yeah, I know. I just wished this never happened." I finish up my tea and unpack my stuff in my old room. I dust off a few things and watch a few old movies.
  The next day my dad went out to work and left me some money. with a note.
   Had work. Here is some money to go get something you might like. Feel better. Love you.
  I take a shower and get dressed. I hop in the car and turn up the radio.
  "And that was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with Same Love. Up next is Little Things by-" I turn off the radio before it could even finish what they were saying and just focus on the road. 
   I pull up to a cute little store and buy a few shirts with my dad's cash. After I go to the local park and lay in the grass. I pull out my phone and see text messages from all five of the boys. None from Nicole. I knew she would give up that easy.
  Liam: Katy, please answer me. I at least want to know if you are safe.
  Zayn: Come back. Niall literally won't eat or sleep. He is a horrible mess.
  Louis: If you need anything, call me. I can help you out with anything. Be safe.
  Harry: Love, you need to come home. Niall won't do anything. At least call him.
  Niall: I don't care if you are still pissed. I am flying over to Mullingar in an hour. The boys don't know yet. There is no one who can stop me from being away from you, Katy. I am so sorry from I what I did. I will be there as soon as I can.
  Shit. I look at the time of the message and see that he could be here any minute. I get up and rush to my car. I get in the car and turn on the engine. I race home and see my dad's car. I get in the house and lock myself inside my room. 
  I lay down in my bed and fall asleep.
  I wake up to pebbles being thrown at my window. I open the balcony doors and see Niall. The boys weren't kidding when they said he looked horrible. He eyes were red, hair in a mess, and it looked like he has been wearing those clothes for a couple days.
  "Can I come up?" His voice cracks.
  "Fine." I sit on my bed and wait until I see his body climb over the balcony.
   He sits on his knees across from me. I copy his position. He grabs my hands and sets them in the space between us.
  "I'm so sorry. I can't even explain how sorry I am. It was the stupidest mistake I have ever made. I never even liked Nicole." 
   "I forgive you. But I will never forget this." I say.
   "I know." His eyes get bigger. "Thank you for forgiving me." He places his hand on my thigh. I grab onto him, wrapping my legs around his torso. I lock my arms his neck my grabbing my wrist.
   His eyes just gave me shivers down my back. How can his eyes be so blue? My hands start combing through his hair. Soon he hits me with one of his weaknesses. He smiles.
   "You're so cute." I say. His cheeks turn a bright red. "You know, you were a lot cuter with your crooked teeth."
   "Really?" He chuckles.
   "Yeah." I smile. He pulls me closer to him.
   "Don't ever leave me again. I need my Lucky Charm." With that he crashes his lips onto mine. His tongue invites itself in to my mouth. Our tongues battle but his defeats mine.
   I pull off his shirt feeling up his chest. I know it has been like 48 hours since I seen him shirtless but I never relized how built he is. He was like the little one in the band.
   He start to suck behind my ear. He pulls away and lefts up my shirt. Leaving us both shirtless except for my bra. He lays me on my back. Kissing my stomach, collerbone, pretty much my whole upper body.
  He then goes back to behind my ear.
  "Niall." It takes me a few seconds to finally be able to say it from all of the heavy breathing. He stops and sits up. I sit up also. Right now he is sitting on my lap with his hands wrapped around me.
   "We can't. My dad is home and I don't think he wants to hear this coming from my room." I say.
   "I understand." He gets off and picks up his shirt.
   "No. Spend the night. Please." I beg. He smiles and slides the covers. I pull down my pants so I am in my bra and under wear. I go under the covers and wrap myself around Niall. I feel him struggling underneath and then he pull out his jeans.
   I turn on the tv and flip through the channels to find some old movies. Niall wraps his arm around me as place my head on his chest. Listening to the beats of his heart.


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