Kicking with Horan

Katy was the star player for her football team for school. She soon becomes friends with a boy who has talent of his own and wants to share it with world. She has been friends with Niall before One Direction, before The X-Factor. Niall auditioned a little bit because of Katy. You could call her his Lucky Charm. She moves to London years after still playing football for her college and part time job as a model. Katy has been friend-zoned from Niall for a long time. Can she take it any longer? Will Niall and Katy ever end up together?


3. Friends with Benefits

 The next morning I felt like I had a massive hangover, even though I didn't drink. I didn't really feel like dressing up so I just put my hair in a bun with a headband, an old football camp t-shirt, my favorite jeans with white converse.
   I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek. Grabbed my phone and keys and headed out the door. I drove to the diner with the stereos blasted. I try my hardest to keep Niall out of my head. It was just stupid what he did to me.
   At the diner the five of them were already there waiting for me. I squeezed next to Harry at the end and ordered a plate of waffles and orange juice. Niall was right across from me, laughing with Zayn. 
   Every other minute Harry would look over and check to see if I was still there. I kept on looking at my orange juice to see if it could actually get me out of here somehow.
    The waitress came over with all of our food on a tray. She had long loose curls with a soft pink dress. All the boys looked like she was drooling over her. Niall gave her a wink when she placed his food in front of him.
    I slice up a piece and start swirling it in a puddle of maple syrup. I probably do that longer than I expected. I can't eat at all. I don't know why.
   "Is everything okay, Katy? You haven't even eaten a bite of your waffle." Niall says pointing his fork towards my plate.
    "I'm fine." I mumble.
    I finally take a bite. I start to eat up my food. I stop when I feel something on my thigh. I look down and see Harry's hand moving his hand to the inside of my thigh. I don't do anything. I really didn't want to draw attention.
    After breakfast, the six of us meet outside the diner. The five of them had to go back to England for X-Factor. I give Liam, Louis and Zayn hugs. Harry gives me a tight hug and slides one of his hands to my butt. He slides what feels like a piece of paper in my back pocket. I get shivers at his touch.
    He lets go and gives a smirk. He walks off to the black van with the other three. Niall comes up to me and grabs my waist. I look away. Niall grabs my chin and turns it to face him.
    "Listen, Liam told me everything. I am sorry about the whole friend-zoned thing. I just don't want to ruin our friendship. I might not be home and if we were together I just don't want you alone. Katy, I really like you, but I just don't want to ruin what we have." I look into his eyes. My eyes start water.
   "Don't cry, babe." He wipes away the tears with his thumb. "Can I just kiss you one last time?" I nod and give a little smile. His lips crashed down on mine. His lips tasted of maple syrup. He parted from me and pulled me into a hug.
    "I'm going to miss you." I cry into his chest.
    "I'll miss you too." He pulls me away from him and grabs my wrist. "I really need my Lucky Charm. Okay?"
    "Okay." He kisses my cheek and walks around me to the van. I start walking to my car and soon see five waving hands in the window of the van driving by.
*Three years later.
    Today I still play football, but for my University. I have also become a model with my roomate who is also on my football team. I do live in London now, just like I wanted to. I am still really good friends with One Direction.
    I would sometimes get calls or texts from them every once in a while. I am really good friends with Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor too. 
   After football practice I drove Nicole and I to our flat. I check my phone and see a text from Niall.
   Niall: Hey babe xx. The boys and I are going tomorrow and we want you and Nicole to come.
   Me: Sorry Niall, can't. Nicole and I have a modeling gig all day tomorrow. We could do something soon. Night, love you Niallerxx.
   I plug in my phone and head to my closet. I pick out the clothes that I am going to wear before the photo shoot. I look at my phone.
  Harry: Hey heard that your modeling tomorrow. Can I come??;)
  Me: Fine! As long as you behave yourself.
  Harry: Don't worry I will. See ya there, love.
   The next day was long. Nicole made us breakfast and we headed to the shoot. Harry arrived around noon. He tall, skiiny body made its way over to me. I blushed when he looked over and saw me in my bikini that I was modeling.
   I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. I wrapped my legts around his hips. He kisses my cheek.  
   "Long time, no see. Missed you, love." He sets me down so I have to look up to him.
   "Missed you too. How was the tour?" I asked.
   "Fun! We had a blast. I could tell Niall really missed you." He gives me a wink.
   "Harry, Niall and I don't have anything going on. I've told you and the boys a million times." I give a little push at his shoulder.
   "So you're just friends?" He sets his large hand on my bare back. He pulls me a little closer.
   "Yes. Now I have to go do my job." My hand pushes on his chest as I run back to Nicole.
    "And I'll watch." I look back to see Harry giving my a wink.
    Honestly I think Harry is really hot. We have kissed before. But we haven't dated before. I really like him, but I certainly like Niall more. But Niall says he doesn't really want to date for a while so he can focus on his career.
   Whenever Harry and I flirt in front of Niall I look over and see his face red with anger. It's not that I am flirting with him to Niall mad, it is that if you don't want me then I'll move on.
   After the photoshoot I change back into a my cocktail dress and high heels. I rush over to Harry and see that the time is eleven at night. Harry grabs my hand and leads me to his car.
   "Wanna go to McDonald's?" Harry asks before he closes my door. He rushes over to the other side and turns the engine on.
   "Sure." I turn up his radio a little and rest back in the seat. I feel his hand rest on my thigh. I look up and he has a little smirk with his free hand on the wheel.
   "What are you doing?" I ask.
   "What? Do you have a problem with my hand?" He looks over.
   I don't say anything. I don't even smack his hand away. He keeps hand there until we pull up to the fast food restaurant. A few fans notice Harry but not too many. McDonald's had only a few people here since it is so late.
   Harry orders our food and I find us a booth to sit at. Harry comes over with our food minutes later and sets in the middle of the table. Harry sits on the opposite side of me already stuffing his face with food. 
   I let out a giggle when he tries talking with the food. I finish my burger faster than he did, like always. After he takes my hand and leads me to his car. His hand finds my thigh again but has moved up a little.
   "Do you have anything going on tomorrow?" Harry asks.
   "I don't think so. Why?" 
   "Thought we could have a little fun." He gives me a wink with a little smirk as he turns back to the road. 
   "Harry-" I start.
   "Katy, it won't ruin our friendship. Both of us don't have anyone to cuddle with and we both know that it has been a while since that has happened. Just think of it as friends with benifits."
    He is right. I don't see any guy knocking on my door anytime soon.
    "Fine. But it is just between you and I. No one else." I tell him.
    "Agreed. I don't want Niall to hear about it and kick my ass." I have to agree with the Niall part because I don't this to ruin what ever Niall and I have.
   We fianlly get to his flat. He runs over to my side and opens the door. I give him a look letting him know he doesn't have to do that.
   He grabs my hand and pulls my over to his door. He fumbles with his keys as if a gun was pointed to his head and he had to open the door NOW. When he finally opens the door he turns on the lights and makes way for me to walk in. 
   I walk to his kitchen and open up a bottle of beer. Harry sits atthe dining room table with his fingers tapping away.
  "Need something, Harry?" I tease him.
  "Yes, Katy. Just finish your drink please." I grab my beer and take small sips. Harry looks pissed off and he grabs my drink. He chugs it down until there is a little bit left. 
   "Finish it." I take the last drink. Harry grabs my waist and throws me onto his shoulder. He walks to his room and throws me on his bed.
    "I am horny as fuck, Katy. Don't ever do that to me again." I look down to his area and see he is already hard. He flips me over so that I am laying on my stomach. His hand grabs the zipper on my dress. As he pulls it down, he leaves wet kisses on my neck and back. I feel him starting to suck and leave love bites. Pretty sure going to leave with a few hickeys.
   He pulls off my dress and unclips my bra. He flips me back over and lays on top of me. His lips land on mine. I let his tongue explore my mouth. He massages my breast with his hand. His mouth replaces his hand and swirls his tongue. I let out a moan as he takes a love bite.
   He pulls down my lace underwear and starts to finger me. I start moaning his name. He soon lowers his head as his curls brush the inside of my thighs. Once I let out a gasp he finishes me up. I get up and push him on the bed. 
    I slip his shirt over his head. I look and see a big smirk on his face. I start to palm him through his jeans and he lets out a moans. I unbutton his jeans and pull down his underwear. I start to pump on his length. I soon put it in my mouth. 
    After he threw me on the bed and places the condom on him. He places himself at my entrance and looks at me. I nod. He goes full in and starts thrusting as hard as he could. I grip the sides of the bed. He lowers his face to me and sucks behind my ear. My hands grip his lower back.
   As he begins to thrust faster my nails dig into his back leaving scratches all over. He rolls over next to me. He grabs my hand and we both look at the ceiling. I look over at him and see his chest rising slow and steady. He rolls on his side and his hand slides on my forehead to my cheek. He leans closer.
   "Let's go to bed. We are having lunch with the boys and I don't want to sleep in." He kisses my forehead and slides under the covers. I put on his shirt and lay down next to him. He places his hand on my lower back and pulls me closer.

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