Kicking with Horan

Katy was the star player for her football team for school. She soon becomes friends with a boy who has talent of his own and wants to share it with world. She has been friends with Niall before One Direction, before The X-Factor. Niall auditioned a little bit because of Katy. You could call her his Lucky Charm. She moves to London years after still playing football for her college and part time job as a model. Katy has been friend-zoned from Niall for a long time. Can she take it any longer? Will Niall and Katy ever end up together?


4. Forgiveness

    Harry drove me over to my flat to get ready. I offered Nicole if she wanted to come but she was going out with some guy she met a few days ago. Harry was being a perv and wanted to come inside my room when I was changing. I kicked him out and turned on the television. 
   I got dressed up in a turgoise dress with a black leather jacket and put my hair up in bun with a bow. I came to Harry and turned off the Tv.
    "Let's go! I am starving!" I shout and lead Harry to his car.
    "Okay. We have to act natural, like nothing happened last night. I don't even want to you to sit next to me. Sit next to Niall. You got me?" He grips the steering wheel as he takes a sharp corner.
    "I gotcha." I turn up the music and go on Instagram. I pretty much block everything out. I kind of want to go back to that small town where I met that blonde boy with the crooked, beautiful smile. But I knew that I had to stay with him.
    We finally pull up to a restaurant that looks like it is way out of my reach. 
   "Harry, there is now way I can afford any of this." I look at the restaurant with my mouth wide open.
    "I'll pay half for whatever your bill is." He gives a smile and hops out of the car. I soon follow him. He holds my back before we cross the street. He looks both ways.
     "Go!" He gives me a little push and we race to the other side. We walk inside and a waitress reconizes Harry and leads us to the rest of the boys. 
     Harry sits between Liam and Louis. I sit next to Niall and across  from Liam. Liam looks up from his menu and gives me a smile. Niall places his arm around me. He pulls me closer to him and kiss the top of my head.
    "Missed you, babe. How was the shoot?" Niall asks focusing back to the menu.
     "Okay. Just like every one of them." We all order our food and finish it with in an hour. 
    "I'll be right back. Have to go pee." Niall says as he walks off.
     Louis squints his eyes at me as if he is trying to get a closer look. 
     "Katy, are those hickeys?!" Louis kind of yells. I cover up whole neck and my eyes go big. Zayn reaches over and removes my hand. He pokes one and I let out a squeak.
     "It is!" Zayn says suprised.
     "So? It is not a big deal." I look away. Louis looks over at Harry and squints. His mouth turns to an 'O' shape. He points at the two of us and acts like he can barely talk.
     "You two had sex?!" Louis says loudly. Harry and I shush him and the three boys looked shocked. 
     "Are you two dating?" Liam asks.
     "No. We didn't want Niall to get pissed." Harry answers for me.
     "So please don't tell Niall." I say.
     "Don't tell me what?" Niall sits right next to me and smiles.
     "Nothing." The five of us say together. 
     "Woah, Katy. What's on your neck? Hickeys or bruises?" Niall asks leaning closer to my neck.
     "Bruises. I... uh... fell." I think.
     "Well those look nothing like bruises. Obviously it is the other thing. Who gave them to you?" He turns his chair and mine so we are facing each other. I look for the boys for help but they look away as if they were distracted. Niall looks me up in the eyes. Puppy dog eyes. It was hard to lie to him.
    "Harry." I sigh.
    "What the hell?" He looks me in the eyes. Hurt. He drops me hands. He points his finger switching from Harry and I. "Did you guys...?" We both nod. 
     He immediatly stands up causing the chair to scooch back and making a loud sound. He sets down a fifty on the table. He runs his fingers through his hair with stress and walks out the door. 
     "Harry, can you pay for-" 
     "Yeah." He answers. "Go."
     I run out the door to find no one. I look around and see there is a park right across the street. He always goes to parks when stressed. I run across the street causing horns to be honked at me. All I see is children until I see a blue hoodie with his face towards the ground.
    I sit next to him. Silence. It was only five minutes but it felt like hours.
    "Why?" His voice cracks. I see a tear drop from his covered face to the ground. He looks up at me. His face red. Tears down his face. Hair messy.
    "We were a little drunk. We haven't been on dates for a long time. It didn't mean anything Niall." From the look of his face I start to cry. "I'm sorry." I pulls my knees to my chest and bury my face. 
    I feel his hand rub my back and pull me closer. He sets his arm around me and I rest my head on his shoulder. He kisses my head.
   "Why didn't you tell me?" He asks.
   "I didn't want to ruin you and Harry's friendship and whatever we have." I look to the ground. His hand lifts my chin. His watery blue eyes look into mine. He soons seals it with a kiss. This is the first we have kissed since X-Factor. 
    He breaks the kiss and rests his forehead on mine.
   "You know the reason why I am single right? I just don't want to be in a relationship, when I am going to different countries and leaving my girlfriend home, unprotected. I really do want to be in a relationship with someone but I just can't leave them. It may be hard for them but it is even worse for me. And it would be even harder if that girl was you." I nod to his response and rest my head on his shoulder.
   "Do you wanna go to my flat?" Niall asks. I take his hand and lead him to his car. He holds my hand the whole way there. When we get to his flat Niall sits on the couch watching football while I fix us some tea. I hand him a cup and rest my leg on his lap.
   I feel him start playing with my hair which really relaxes me. I close my eyes for a second. It felt like a second but it was a good three hours. Niall was still in the same position but was watching a comedy.
   "Hey sleepy head." I make a mumbling sound. I sit on his lap, digging my face in chest, smelling his cologne. 
   "You smell good." I say to him.
   "You're not that bad yourself." He chuckles. "Wanna spend the night?"
   "Sure. Can I borrow some clothes?" He nods and lead me to his room. He hands me a shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He gets his clothes and changes in his bathroom. He shouts out to see if I was done changing and I say I was.
   He gives me a kiss on the cheek and walks towards the door.
  "Where are you going?" I ask.
  "The couch. You can have the bed to yourself." Niall says as he faces towards the door.
  "No." I give an additude. "Can you stay? I need a snuggle buddy." I give him a puppy dog face. He smiles and gets into bed. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my forehead. I wrap my leg around his legs and place my arm around him.
   The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon. I ran downstairs and find Niall shirtless. He had his back towards me. I wrap my arms around him and reach to grab a bacon off a plate. I jump on the counter. Niall faces me with a smile on his face.
   "So how did you sleep, princess?" 
   "Great. You?" I ask.
   "Amazing. You were right about that snuggle buddy." He gives me a wink before turning back to the bacon.
   Later that day I head home to find Nicole making out with some random guy. I honestly love her but she is kind of a slut. The guy starts to suck on her neck and she lets out a moan. I walk straight to the kitchen and hear her say 'hey' to me. 
   I grab a glass of juice and go to my room. I get a text from Louis saying that Niall and Harry are coming to his house and pass the ball around and see if I wanted to come. I reply and say that I would be there.
   I change into my Manchester United football jersey, Adidas sweatpants and Nike tennis shoes. I put my hair in a bun and put a little mascara on. I grab my phone and a twenty just in case I need to stop to get food.
   I give Nicole a wave as I walk pass her make out session to the door. I get in the car and blast the radio up.

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