Prep Lost

This girl Skylar has it all the life ,the money ,and more but what people don't know about her is that she abused and hurt inside. The only person that understands is this guy she met online what she doesn't know it's Louis Tomlinson. He said he would do anything for her and wishes he could save her. When she finds out the guy she talks to online goes to her school....... What will happen will all of her secrets be told or will they be happy together? Will the truth be told about her abuse and cutting.


2. Where's Mine

Skylar's POV

I wake up in a dark room. I roll over to see a bright clock that read 9:14. I stretch out as my hand reaches under the pillow to find my phone. I had 10 missed calls 20 messages all from him.

"Love answer me please. I want to help you. Please call me." That's all they said. I get out of the bed feeling the walls to find my way. I find a light switch ,I flip it up. Blinded I turn it off. When I realize I'm at home where I've been this whole time. I run into the bathroom realizing I have to pee. I turn on the light to dim. As I'm sitting there I look down at my legs burises and burises. All from Ryan. When I"m done washing my hands ,I look down at my wrist seeing the nice and straight lines. I move my fingers over the scars. I thought to myself "One day I'll heel ,but I'll be covered in scares."

I get up and walk down stairs to see my family having dinner. "Nice of you to join us Sky." My mother said. I walk to the kiction to get my plate. Seeing that there wasnt one for me. I walk back out "Mom where's my plate?"


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