Prep Lost

This girl Skylar has it all the life ,the money ,and more but what people don't know about her is that she abused and hurt inside. The only person that understands is this guy she met online what she doesn't know it's Louis Tomlinson. He said he would do anything for her and wishes he could save her. When she finds out the guy she talks to online goes to her school....... What will happen will all of her secrets be told or will they be happy together? Will the truth be told about her abuse and cutting.


3. Life Sucks

I stared at her. "Mother where's mine?"

"Skylar you don't get to eat.... You hid and now I'll hide your food."

"Mom that's not fair!!"

"Life isn't fair!!"

I put my head down at just walk away. Why does my family hate me? My life is a hell hole. The only person who really understands is the boy online.

I open my phone to the messages,

"Sky answer me please."

"Skylar, I love you please tell me you're still there!

"Babe please!"

All the missed calls are from him... Seeing that he loves me makes me smile. Nobody really love me... But now I have someone.

"I'm here, I'm in love with you!"

Hey guys I know it's short and terrible but more soon and longer ones!!!

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