Prep Lost

This girl Skylar has it all the life ,the money ,and more but what people don't know about her is that she abused and hurt inside. The only person that understands is this guy she met online what she doesn't know it's Louis Tomlinson. He said he would do anything for her and wishes he could save her. When she finds out the guy she talks to online goes to her school....... What will happen will all of her secrets be told or will they be happy together? Will the truth be told about her abuse and cutting.


1. Help Please

Skylars POV

"I have to go there home I have to hide."

"No please don't go I can Help you!"

Those were the last words I said to him before they caught me. I ran out of my room to the addic as fast I as I could. I sat there crying. I tried to stay quiet so they couldn't hear me. I quietly sob to myself thinking what could happen if they heard me. I look to my right and I see the blood stained razor I have used every time I come up here to hide. I pick up the blade slowly bringing it to my wrist. I move the blade across my wrist I bit my bottom lip at the pain in my arm. Small tears come from my eyes. People think I have it all ,but I truly don't. My brother Ryan hurts me all the time. I have bruises everywhere from him. I hear foot steps from below me I put my hand over my mouth so no sounds will be made. I hear a door slam. I quickly get up and look out the window.  I see my brother ,mom ,and dad  leaving. Again there leaving without me. I get up and go back to my room. I grab my phone off my bed and text him again. "They're gone. They left without me again."

"Love, I wish I could save you. Please tell me you didn't do anything you will regret. Please tell me you didn't"

"I'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry!!"

"What happened please tell me!!"

That was the last thing I said to him before someone put their hand over my mouth knocking me out. My phone was clenched in my hand with a lock.


Hey guys tell me what you think! Yes No Maybe so? Hope you like it!

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