Love at first sight!

[Niall Horan FanFic] Hi, my name is Lily, I get bullied every day........ I have been called fat, ugly, a slut, whore, these are just common things that im called. My only friend named Ashley helps me out a lot, but friends cant help with everything. I thought this until one day I saw a amazing blue-eyed, blonde haired guy.... he said his name was Niall Horan.


5. Night of fun or atleast i thought.

Lily's P.O.V

*few days later*

Niall decided to come over to hangout and I said yes of course. I think I may be inlove with Niall. About an hour later I heard a knock on the door so I ran down stairs, and opened the door to find a smiling Niall.

"Ello love." Niall said and then he kissed my lips.

"Hey baby." I said as we both walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Umm... Lily?" Niall asked.

"Yea Niall?" I said

"Do you want to go clubbing with me and the boys later?" Niall asked.

"Sure sounds like fun. I'll ask Ash if she wants to go because I think her and Harry are an item now." I said.

"Oh really? Well maybe you should get ready and I'll pick you up in about an hour." Niall said.

"Okay baby I'll see you soon." After I said that Niall left and I ran upstairs to go get changed. I got a text from Ash saying she could go and so can Harry. I decided to wear a black skin tight dress and black high heels.

-One hour later-

There was a knock at the door and when I opened it there was no Niall, the person at the door was his friend Zayn.

"Ready to go?" Zayn asked.

"Yea where's Niall?" I asked

"He said he was gonna meet us there." Zayn said

-After the car ride-

I ran to Niall, Ash, and Harry. Ash looked amazing, Her hair was in a high messy bun with some hickeys showing which I'm guessing are from Harry. Then  a dark purple dress, tight at bottom and loose at the top which was fitting her well. Soon me and Niall, Zayn, Ash, and Harry where in the club. Me and Niall went straight to the bar and ordered some shots, they were really strong too. After a couple of shots I was pretty tipsy so I went to the bathroom which was down a long hallway.

"Hey beautiful." A handsome guy said in corner right behind me. I turned around and I recognized this person but I couldn't put my figure on it.

"Umm... Hi." I said as he stepped closer. I started to step back until I was against the wall. He was getting closer and closer until he was so close, our skin was touching.

"Are you here alone?" He asked. By this point I was scared as hell. "No." I said. "How about we have some fun." The guy said with a evil smile plastered on his face. "Get away from me." I said. He put his hands on my waist and started to kiss my neck leaving some love bites, then he started to leave hickeys. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I tried to get away but he was way stronger than me. He was running his hands all over my body as tears streamed down my face but he didn't care. Then out of no where the guy was pushed off of me and was being punched in the face. But who was punching him? I got closer to realize the guy who was punching my attacker was..... Zayn! Zayn kept punching him until there was blood all over the floor and the guy was on the floor laying lifeless. "ZAYN!" I yelled trying to get him to stop, but he just kept going until I grabbed his arm and he stopped. "Get out of here!" Zayn yelled at me. "No! Not until you stop hurting him!" I yelled back. After what I said, Zayn stopped and walked down the long hallway, into the club. I followed Zayn but lost him so I headed to Niall. Niall was still drinking and tears were still streaming down my face. "What's wrong?" Niall asked concerned. "Can we leave?" I asked. Niall knew there was something wrong with me. "Alright lets go." He said as he grabbed my hand and lead me through the crowd and outside. We both go into the car and pulled into the driveway of his and the boys house. "I meant my house." I said "No. You are staying here with me." He said in a stern voice. Was he mad? "Fine." I said and with that we walked into the house to find all the other boys except Zayn. Where was he? Is he ok? "Where's Zayn?" I asked. "He had some trouble at the club, but he'll be back soon." Liam said. Me and Niall went up stairs to Niall's room and laid on his bed in silence. "What happened?" Niall asked. I wasn't sure how to tell him what happened but I just said what happened. "Well I got to the bathroom and a guy started to..... touch me and Zayn saved me and started punching him.... a lot. I told Zayn to stop but he didn't until I had to stop him physically. Then he left, I tried to find him but he was no where to be found so I went back to you." I said. I was scared of his response. "Oh." Was all Niall said. "Oh? Is that all you have to say?" I asked. I didn't get a response. So I just laid my head on Niall's now bare chest, We cuddled for a while untill we both fell asleep.


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