Love at first sight!

[Niall Horan FanFic] Hi, my name is Lily, I get bullied every day........ I have been called fat, ugly, a slut, whore, these are just common things that im called. My only friend named Ashley helps me out a lot, but friends cant help with everything. I thought this until one day I saw a amazing blue-eyed, blonde haired guy.... he said his name was Niall Horan.


11. Is this really happening?

Lily's P.O.V

Me, El, Ash, and Dani decided to go shopping for some cute sleepwear and such. We were getting back to the car until we turned the corner and I saw something I could never unsee........ it was Niall....... kissing another girl. I ran to the car and started to cry. Tears pouring out of my eyes. How could this happen? Have I done anything wrong? The car ride home was total silence. When we got home I ran upstairs to me and Niall's room and cried. Sarah came in, "Are you ok.... mom?" She asked. Wait did she just call me mom? Even though was are sisters, I did adopt her with Niall so she is technically our daughter. "Umm.... Yeah." I said wiping away the tears and moving my black, blue streaked hair out of my face. "Mom? Were you crying?" Sarah asked. "Umm.... Yes. I was." I said still wiping tears. "Should I get dad?" She asked. "NO!..... don't................ everything is fine." I said sternly and walked down stairs with Sarah. When we got downstairs the girls were staring at me and I saw Niall sitting on the couch, continuing his conversation with Liam. I sat on the couch farthest away from Niall.

Niall's P.O.V

I went to surprise Lily while she was shopping with the girls. I bumped into my ex girlfriend. "Hey." She said. "Uhh... hey." I said. "Umm..... Niall... I really miss you. I was wondering if I could have that last kiss?" She asked. Well it was only one kiss..... I'm sure it will be fine. So I kissed her but it was only a peck until she kept holding on. When I got home I noticed that Lily was acting odd.


Lily's P.O.V

I got up to go get a beer and Niall followed. He wrapped his arms around my waist. "Hey baby!" Niall said. "Uhh..... Hi." I mumbled and got loose from his grip. "Is something wrong? I don't want you to be sad." Niall asked. I wanted to tell him off but I didn't........ but I couldn't hold it in. "Yes. Something is wrong.... the fact that I was enjoying my day until I turned the corner and saw you kissing some girl besides me isn't the best thing to see. Did you think it would be easy to cheat?" I was yelling by this point. "Did you think I wouldn't find out!?!" After yelling that in his face, I ran up stairs into our room. I started crying, crying harder by the minute. Then I heard a knock at the door. "Hey.... can I come in?" The person asked. "If your Niall then go shove a pot of gold up your ass." I said. The other person was laughing. "No, its Zayn." With that I opened the door and pulled him in and shut the door. Right when we both were in the room I hugged Zayn quite tight really. I didn't want to let go and obviously neither did he. I laid on the bed with Zayn and he comforted me until I woke up the next morning alone in bed.

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