Love at first sight!

[Niall Horan FanFic] Hi, my name is Lily, I get bullied every day........ I have been called fat, ugly, a slut, whore, these are just common things that im called. My only friend named Ashley helps me out a lot, but friends cant help with everything. I thought this until one day I saw a amazing blue-eyed, blonde haired guy.... he said his name was Niall Horan.


4. I'm inlove

Lily's P.O.V

I woke up with a smile on my face thinking about Niall. My smile faded fast as I remembered I have to face Molly at school. Great, another insult. I got dressed in black skinny jeans and I pulled on a cute patterned crop top with white suspenders and my black TOMS. Soon I was down stairs with Ash, we both just had a poptart. As me and Ash entered the school I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist. I look up to find Niall. I felt safe in this arms, like all hate was gone and I was loved again.

"Hey baby" Niall said then he kissed my cheek. I was getting dirty looks from all around me, but why?

"Hey." I said with a smile as he kissed my cheek. The bell rang so me and Niall had to separate sadly, but I still have Ash with me in all my classes! After a few classes it was lunch, thank god! I got my lunch me and Ash looked around the lunch room for somewhere to sit. "Lily!" I heard as I turned around and saw Niall walking closer to me. "Hey babe." I said "Do you and Ashley want to sit with me and the boys?" Niall asked.

"Sure." I said and me and Ash followed Niall to a table with four other boys. "Alright this is Liam" Niall said gesturing to a guy with a puppy face and green eyes. "That over there is Harry." Niall said pointing to a curly haired boy with emerald eyes. "The one with the black hair is Zayn. And last is Louis." Niall told me, pointing to a boy with lots of carrots.



Ashley's P.O.V

As Niall introduced me and Lily to the boys i couldn't help but noticed the curly haired boy named Harry I think, staring at me. I decided to sit next to him and Lily sat next to Niall of course. "Hi, I'm Ashley." I said. "My name is Harry." He said with a smile and then a wink. "So curly, why were you staring at me?" I asked. "I don't know, but want to hangout after school?" Harry asked me.

"Sure, why not?" I said.


Harry's P.O.V

  Ashley is beautiful. She's something special, I need to get ready to hangout with her at the park in an hour.

-At the park one hour later-

I saw Ashley sitting on a bench and I came behind her and kissed her exposed neck. She smiled and said "Hi Harry." and giggled a little. "Hey Ash" I said and sat down next to her. "So Harry, why were you really staring at me?" She asked. "Because your beautiful and sweet. I really like you." In shock of what I just said, I kissed her. She kissed back which surprised me even more. Is this the beginning of something beautiful?


A/N No hate please this is my first one and im really tired so night!!


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