Love at first sight!

[Niall Horan FanFic] Hi, my name is Lily, I get bullied every day........ I have been called fat, ugly, a slut, whore, these are just common things that im called. My only friend named Ashley helps me out a lot, but friends cant help with everything. I thought this until one day I saw a amazing blue-eyed, blonde haired guy.... he said his name was Niall Horan.


7. Complicated

Lily's P.O.V

I woke up in the hospital with Niall next to me. I turned to face Niall. "Lily! How do you feel?" Niall asked the most concerned. "Fine. What happened?" I asked. "Well you were talking to a little girl named Sarah and you just passed out." Niall told me. Then all the memories started to flood back. I remember Sarah, and everything about me and her.


"I have to go before he finds me." I told Sarah.

"NO! Don't leave me sissy!" Sarah cried.

"You'll be fine. He wants me not you. Just stay here and I promise that you'll be alright." I told her. But what I had told her was all I lie.

-Flashback over-

"Lily! Are you ok?" Niall asked. "Yeah. Let's get out of here." I said. Me and Niall made it home but when we got in we were the only ones there. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "They all went out for a few hours." Niall said. "Can we just go to bed?" I asked. "Of course." Niall said. Me and Niall made our way up to Niall room and closed the door. Niall wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. A small moan escaped my lips. Niall ran his hands all over my body and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. He pushed me down on the bed and started to undress me and himself. His tongue went over my lips asking for entrance which I granted. He slowly slipped into me and started at a slow pace. Soon the pace started to speed up. Moans escaped my lips and me and Niall started to run out of breath. We both reached our climax and Niall rolled off me. We cuddled till we both fell fast asleep.


"LILY HELP ME!" Sarah screamed as she was being raped by the same man who had raped me. I had to look away. There was nothing I could do. All I could hear was Sarah's little screams.

-Nightmare over-

I woke up with tears streaming down my face. A worried Niall stared at me and held me close. "It's alright I'm here." Niall said. I felt so safe in his arms. "Niall we need to go back to the orphanage." I told him. "Alright let's go. right now" Niall said. We got up and got dressed and rushed to the car.

-After drive to the orphanage-


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