A Forgotten Story

Carrie Lynx has the worst life ever, her parents don't pay any attention to her, it's like she is invisible.Also,she is bullied practically every, single second of the day.


2. Totally NOT Cool

Carrie's POV:

  I walked in to the school, Feeling.. The same as usual, I saw my freind Talia talking to a VERY,VERY cute guy. I wondered to my self 'how is that even possible, she is very socialy akward'. To describe him he had messy, brown hair and hazel eyes, he was wearing a black hoodie with skinny jean and a pair of hightops. I  walked over to them and said "hey taila and guy I

don't know" 'Why did i just say that, i am so stupid' "Hi, i'm Ethan" he said sounding kind of offended. "Hello!" taila exclaimed. "So... what are you guys talking about"? i asked. "Nothing important, you know just homework and such, and some other things" ethan replied. "Ya totally" taila said in a squeeky voice. That gave it all away, you see my friend is a terrible liar. After that akward conversation, it was time to go to my first class, which is math, yippy. Another boring class with Miss.Falkenberg.


Dear diary,

  The rest of the day was pretty much the same, you know with getting called names by A.J and her little "group" Tiffiny and Miranda, to getting hit with doudge ball in P.E with mr.casore. The only thing that diffrent is that taila has been ignoring me all day just to talk to him, gosh i wonder what is going on between them,Anyway, when i got home my dad was here which is very weird i have not seen in in 5 years.my mom on the other hand was still washing the dishes. hold on they are calling me. ok. i am back it was just something about a vacation but i said no. There nothing to really talk about, So i guess i will go. Bye!




autors's notes: something happened with my computer and the fonts got all jacked up so sorry any way i still hope you enjoyed!!


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