Mixed Up Love

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were waking down the street when two girls bumped into them, Danielle Ruth and Kaitlyn Jones were rushing to get back to their house to watch an interview with their favourite band.They met agian at a club and that's when the guys made their move.


1. Meeting from the rush

-Danielle's POV- 8:00 PM, we were rushing to get home, Kaitlyn was running around the tables and I was jumping over them not caring what happened, next second I'm on the ground "We're so sorry, we were just in a rush" I heard Kat say, I looked up and saw two guys, The curly one offered a hand to help, I refused and stood up by myself "I'm Kaitlyn and this is-" I cut her off "I'm Danielle" I said and started to run away agian "Let's go Kat!" I yelled jumping over a chair "Sorry" I heard her say. Once we were in the apartment I went to the couch "Great! They already finished the interview!" I yelled "Okay so it's going to be on at 12:00" Se shrugged and gave me my coke "We have to go to a club at 10:00!" I almost screamed "Oh, Well we better get ready and leave it's 9:00" She stood up, I groaned and put down my coke, I ran to my room and got out my black tights and a black crop top, I got on my black supras and grabbed my phone "Should I call up Sierra and Samantha?" I walked into her room "Yeah" She answered, She was wearing a blue sleeveless collar shirt and black tights with of course her signature black converse "Their coming in 10" I yelled to her ~At the club~ We bumped into those guys again "We didn't really get to introduce oursleves" The one with gourgeous blue eyes said "I'm Harry and that's Louis" Curly said "I'm Danielle and that's Kaitlyn" I said, I saw Kat blushing so I hit her arm, Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me away from them "Can I have your number?" He asked in a low voice, I slightly smiled and grabbed his phone, I added my number to his contacts and gave his phone back to him, I turned around but he turned me back to him

-Kaitlyn's POV- I gave Louis my number and looked over at Dani, My jaw dropped and i gasped, She kissed him or he kissed her, Anyways they were kissing! I jumped and looked over to Louis who was smiling, I couldn't find the twins but I ran over to Dani who had turned away from him and walked over to me "Oh my gosh!" "Sh, People will stare" She looked down, she turned her head and waved "I can't believe that happened" I said getting in my car "I know, I wasn't expecting it either" ~At the apartment~ Dani jumped onto the couch "you're going to break the couch Monster!" I yelled at her "Sorry!" She laughed, I walked into my room and changed into my purple polka-dot PJ's "Knock knock" I heard Monster say softly "Come in" I turned around and she walked in with her usual random PJ's on, this time it was her little mix t-shirt and some shorts "Wanna go swimming tomorrow?" She asked "Yeah, but we don't have a pass" I replied "I know someone who does have a pass" She smiled "Okay, I guess we'll go" I shrugged "You're going to love it" she said and walked over to the dark door "Goodnight" She whispered and slipped out, I laughed at her trying to be scary ~The next morning~ "Watcha cooking?" Dani asked "Bacon" I said "Ooo bacon!" She acted like a  little kid whenever i said i was cooking bacon "We're going to leave soon" She smirked "Oh okay"

-Danielle's POV- I got my Zebra print bikini on and put on some jean shorts, I grabbed my toms and ran out of my room "Okay tell me who we are going with" Kat said "Nice purple with green stars bikini Kat" I said "Thanks, Hey! don't try to change the subject!" She yelled "Fine, we're going with-" the doorbell rang, I sprang up and ran to the door "Hi" I said and smiled "I'm not going with them" She crossed her arms "Get out of the house!" I screamed "No" "Out" "No" "GET OUT!!" I screamed "NO!" she screamed "Get the fuck out Kat" I said clenching my fists "N-" I cut her off "Just get out before i hurt you" the rage was bubbliing up in me, She shuffled out and I walked out behind her.

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