Time Of My Life

Morgan was just an average girl who moved to Los Angeles, California. What happens when she meets the hottest boyband in the world at her new school? Will old friends ruin her chances of love? You gotta read to find out! Xx


17. Swimming

~Zayn's P.O.V.~
   I tried to cheer Morgan up as best as possible. It was hard, I didn't know what to say. I heard a laugh come from the next room. It was Niall and I got up and told the rest of the boys. They just looked shocked. "N-no it can't be!" Niall exclamed. "I'll go talk to her." He trying running downthe hall but slid and almost fell. That was the best thing I've seen all day. 
   ~Niall's P.O.V.~
   "Hey baby, I'm so sorry" What was I suppose to say? "It's okay, I don't want to think about it right now." "Well, if you're sure you're okay, want to go swimming in the beach?" I asked, I wanted to have a little fun and brighten the mood. "Sure, could you go so I can change?" "Yeah sure babe, anything for you." I smiled and kissed her cheek, then left. 
   ~Morgan's P.O.V.~
   I changed into my hot pink string bikini, hoping to look as cute as possible.
   I walked out onto the beach and all the boys couldn't keep their eyes off me. I guess I looked pretty cute. Good.
   Harry walked over to me and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me into the water. I screamed playfully and noticed his biceps. Holy body! Ge's like a sex god!
   I have to stop thinking about him like that, I'm with Niall! But, I do think I feel something around Harry.
   My thoughts were disrupted by Harry throwing me underwater. "Ahhhh Harry stop!" I said, trying to catch my breath. "Thats what she said" I just groaned at his joke. "You are so dirty minded, you know that right!" He laughed. "Only when I'm near you" He winked again. I got cold and walked out of the water, I have to go get ready for Cheyenne's party! 

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