Time Of My Life

Morgan was just an average girl who moved to Los Angeles, California. What happens when she meets the hottest boyband in the world at her new school? Will old friends ruin her chances of love? You gotta read to find out! Xx


12. Shower Situation

~Niall's P.O.V.~
   I held the tears back. She was all that really meant something to me and then  she kissed Harry. He has a girl already! Why couldn'd he just let me have the girl of my dreams?! Why doesn't she like me? 
   Ugh. I smell like shit. I gotta take a shower. I walked into my room, stripped down, and put a towel around myself. Just as I turned around, there she was. I was so embarassed. I saw her mouth drop. Why is she like that? 
   "I'm sorry Morgan, I didn't know you were in here" "No it's perfectly fine it's just, I didn't know you had that nice of a body" I blushed a lot. She likes mu body! That's a start at least. I went out of the room and got in the shower on the left. The shower on the right is being used by Liam, I think. 
   I heard the water on the right shower shut off, so I knew enough to not go out there, or I'd see whoever is in here, naked. I just kept letting the hot water run down my body. After about 15 minutes, I got out. Only to find out, Morgan was in here. Butt naked. She wasn't facing me, I just turned away. "Uhhhh...Hi." I wanted to let her know I'm in here. She screamed and ran into the shower. "Niall?!" "Yeah?" "Did you see anything?" "No, I looked away once I noticed you were in here, trust me" "Well then, thank you so much" "Anything for you love" then I left.

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